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What happens on Day 2 of tonsillectomy recovery?

Day 2: Your real tonsillectomy recovery battle starts on Day 2. You need to understand that although the pain meds effectively reduce the pain of surgery, they do cause a number of side effects. The first and foremost thing you start to feel is the Nausea, Yes, as it is your initial day, you may feel the power of pain meds to be very heavy.

When do the scabs start to heal after a tonsillectomy?

Day 9 -10: Once you reach around 10 days, you can expect a little bit of healing around the scabs. The scabs which are raw and bloody, right from day 1, will now slowly start to develop a new skin. This is what can be considered a clear sign of healing.

What happens to your taste buds after a tonsillectomy?

Day 7: Another thing many people complain after a week about tonsillectomy is the taste. Yeah, many people do complain that they were unable to recognize tastes properly and everything they eat seems tasteless. Although I personally don’t know the reason behind this, it is pretty much common and goes away within a few days.

What should my tonsil bed look like after a tonsillectomy?

After a tonsillectomy, it is normal for the tonsil beds to look like they are covered with a white or yellow film. This is not a concern and usually goes away in five to 10 days.

Is it normal to have constipation after tonsillectomy?

Yes, it is very common for any adult person to suffer constipation, if he/she underwent tonsillectomy and is using pain meds continuously. You can try this for quick constipation relief. Day 4: constipation may increase day after day, making your entire digestive system go crazy.

Which is the bad side of a tonsillectomy?

The bad side is the intense feeling of itching you tend to get due to your healed wound. Day 15- 20: Once you reach half a month after tonsillectomy it is almost definite that you will be completely back to normal life.