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What happened to the Van Dyck painting on Antiques Roadshow?

A painting revealed to be a Van Dyck portrait on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow has failed to sell at auction. The painting is believed to be a sketch for a work called The Magistrates of Brussels, which hung in the city’s town hall until it was destroyed by a French attack in 1695.

How do I contact Antiques Roadshow UK?

Antiques Roadshow

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Website:

Who owns Antique Roadshow?

Antiques Roadshow (American TV program)

Antiques Roadshow
Camera setup Multiple
Running time ca. 52:30
Production company WGBH-TV
Distributor PBS

How long has the Antiques Roadshow been running?

It has been running since 1979, based on a 1977 documentary programme. The programme has spawned versions in other countries with the same TV format, including Canada and the United States. As of 2021, it is in its 44th series and has been presented by Fiona Bruce since 2008.

How much did the Van Dyke painting sell for?

More Stories by Angelica Recovered by the famed World War II team of art experts known as the Monuments Men and returned to its original Jewish-Dutch owners in 1948, the painting wound up selling for $3.4 million, making it the sixth-most expensive work by the artist ever to sell at auction.

Are there any missing Van Gogh paintings?

There are 85 works in total today missing or in unknown locations. It is possible some of them still exist, but their whereabouts are not known, and they have not been seen in public for over fifty years. Six paintings have been confirmed destroyed in fires, five of those were related to the Second World War.

Can you send pictures to Antique Roadshow?

You can bring your items to the gallery if you are local or send in images and descriptions by email or snail mail. The gallery will do three appraisals for free, but after that they charge five dollars per appraisal.

Does Antique Roadshow charge for appraisals?

At a ROADSHOW filming day is there a cost to receive an appraisal at the filming? No. Winners will receive a free verbal appraisal for their winning item entry.

Why did Mark Wahlberg leave Antiques Roadshow?

The reason his role was cut back had nothing to do with him, said executive producer Marsha Bemko, but rather with what they were having him do. The overhaul included dropping the segments that took place away from the antiques show set, when the show would come to the people instead of the other way around.

What happened to the host of Antiques Roadshow?

Mark ultimately left the role at the end of Season 23, but not because of anything he did or didn’t do. It was simply a transition away from hosting in general. In 2019 (after Season 23), the show went without a host, and Coral Peña joined the show as the narrator for Season 24, rather than the host.

Which antique dealer died?

David Barby

David Barby
Died 25 July 2012 (aged 69) Coventry, West Midlands, England
Occupation Antiques expert Television personality
Years active 1990–2012
Television Antiques Road Trip Bargain Hunt Flog It!

How much are Van Dyck paintings worth?

According to the artnet Price Database, Van Dyck’s auction record is £8.3 million ($13.5 million), set at Sotheby’s London in 2009 for a self portrait of the artist, now housed at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Where was the van Dyck portrait on the Antiques Roadshow?

More was revealed about the painting when Father Jamie took it to filming for another edition of Antiques Roadshow in Cirencester, Gloucestershire in June this year. The Van Dyck portrait was identified after Ms Bruce, who was making a show about the artist with expert Philip Mould, saw the painting and thought it might be genuine.

Which is the most valuable painting on the Antiques Roadshow?

It was the most valuable piece of artwork ever identified in the 36-year history of the Antiques Roadshow. But the triumph of discovering a rare 17th-century Van Dyck painting was deflated last night after the work failed to sell at auction.

Is the National Portrait Gallery on Antiques Roadshow?

The National Portrait Gallery is trying to raise £12.5m to keep it in the UK. The portrait will be shown on Antiques Roadshow at 19:00 GMT on BBC One on Sunday.

Why was van Dyck important in the 17th century?

Van Dyck was the leading court painter in England under King Charles I and is regarded as one of the masters of 17th Century art. The painting is a portrait of a Magistrate of Brussels which is believed to have been completed as part of the artist’s preparation for a 1634 work showing seven magistrates.