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What happened to the model that walked into the airplane propeller?

Texas model hit by propeller felt unease, fear before accident and beforehand remembers just ‘grabbing on to the side of the seat and praying’ Lauren Scruggs, 24, says she felt an inexplicable sense of fear just before she was struck by a still-spinning plane propeller, resulting in the loss of her left eye and arm.

How did Lauren Scruggs walk into a propeller?

After Scruggs had been flying with a pilot friend in a single-engine plane to view Christmas lights in the Dallas area on Dec. 3, 2011, she exited the plane in darkness and walked into the spinning blades. Her left hand was severed, her left eye had to be removed, and she suffered a brain injury.

How did Lauren Kennedy lose her eye?

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is an American fashion blogger and author who received international media attention after a December 3, 2011 incident in which she walked into a spinning propeller, losing her left eye and severing her left hand.

What happened to Laura Kennedys arm?

After a devastating propeller accident left Lauren Scruggs Kennedy without her left eye and left hand, the 28-year-old lifestyle blogger wasn’t sure she’d ever find love. 3, and right into the aircraft’s propellor. “Now I focus on the progression of my life and who I am,” she says.

Is Lauren Scruggs missing an arm?

Lauren Scruggs, who lost her eye and part of her left arm in a propeller accident, recently removed her prosthetic arm for the first time on television. The fashion journalist and blogger took it off at the urging of Larry King during an interview for his Ora TV show, Larry King Now.

What happened Lauren Scruggs?

Lauren: I had a traumatic brain injury. I was hit through part of the head. Voiceover Woman: Surgeons installed plates under the skin above and below her eye where her facial bones had been crushed, and removed fragments of her skull lodged in her brain. So I was actually hit in the eye, which I didn’t lose initially.

Is Lauren Scruggs pregnant?

It’s happening! Lauren Scruggs is pregnant with her and Jason Kennedy’s first child after years of trying to conceive, Us Weekly confirms.

Did Lauren Scruggs get a settlement?

Injured model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs, who lost her left hand and left eye in a Dec. 3 plane propeller accident, has reached a legal settlement with the insurance company for the pilot and the plane’s owner, according to a representative for her attorney.

Does Lauren Scruggs have a twin?

The twin sister of Lauren Scruggs, the Texas model who lost her hand and an eye to an airplane propeller, can more than just empathize with her sibling – Brittany can actually share her sibling’s injuries, their mom says. Twins often have been known to have special connections, and Lauren and Brittany are no different.

Does Lauren Kennedy have a glass eye?

Among her many challenges, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy found it difficult to maintain her sense of style after she lost her left eye and part of her left arm in a propeller accident in 2012. For her, getting a prosthetic just a few months after the accident helped her start that journey.

What happened to Lauren Kennedys arm and eye?

Are Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs still married?

Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs are expecting a little bundle of joy. The former longtime E! News and red-carpet host and his wife of six years confirmed the heartwarming news on Wednesday, Sept. 8.