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What happened to Marianne Jean-Baptiste?

Jean-Baptiste relocated for work reasons to the U.S. and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. She honed her American accent and starred in the American television series Without a Trace as FBI agent Vivian Johnson.

Who is the mole in Blindspot Season 2?

It turns out Sandstorm did have a second mole within the FBI. During Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot, the team aligned with Nas’ Sandstorm source, who turned out to be Cade (Tom Lipinski), in order to catch Shepherd (Michelle Hurd).

Who kills Mayfair in Blindspot?

Mayfair escaped house arrest to track down those responsible for framing her and came face-to-face with Jane. But before Mayfair could lash out against her, Oscar shot Mayfair in the back, and she died. (EW was on set for Mayfair’s bloody end and has an exclusive postmortem with Jean-Baptiste here.)

What happened to Kurt Weller in Blindspot?

Kurt Weller went through hell and back in the latest Blindspot, and while he ended up okay by the episode’s end, he may have jeopardized the safety of the FBI team. Last time the Blindspot team’s safe house was discovered, Reade was killed in a drone strike.

Was Marianne Jean Baptiste in Doctor Who?

You can’t mention great British actors without mentioning Marianne Jean-Baptiste, the woman is a force to be reckoned with. She has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever heard. Casting a dark skinned black woman in her late 40’s as the Doctor would be a much needed change for the Doctor.

Who is the rat in Blindspot?

After teasing a double agent among the Blindspot team, the identity of the FBI mole was revealed in the series’ fall finale: the unassuming psychiatrist Dr. Robert Borden (Ukweli Roach).

Who put the tattoos on Jane in Blindspot?

Kurt Weller to his team. Almost two years after Jane and the team stopped Sandstorm, Roman, Jane’s younger brother, tattooed her body again with bioluminiscent tattoos this time, gathering the team back together to solve the new mysteries.

Who is shepherd to Weller?

Ellen Briggs
Shepherd was revealed to be Ellen Briggs, a high ranking military general who took a real interest in Weller’s education. She not only encouraged Weller to stay in his cadet program, but she secretly funded his tuition.

Who Tattooed Jane Doe blindspot?

Who Tattooed Jane in Blindspot?

Does Allie have Weller’s baby?

Kurt Weller Allie decided to end the relationship due to Kurt’s feelings towards Jane. Allison fell pregnant with Kurt’s baby, Bethany Weller, after spending some time together three months before the events of the Season 2 premiere.