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What happened to Kerrang radio?

On 23 May 2018, the London DAB transmission of Kerrang! Radio ceased with the station removed, along with Absolute Radio 70s, to make way for Bauer’s new contemporary hit radio station Hits Radio. Kerrang! continues to broadcast nationally over Freeview and online and on the Dundee DAB area.

How do I listen to Kerrang radio?

You can listen to both stations on the free Kerrang! Radio app, on your Amazon smart speaker, or online!

What music does Kerrang play?

Kerrang! Kerrang! is a British weekly magazine devoted to rock, punk and heavy metal music, currently published by Wasted Talent (the same company that owns electronic music publication Mixmag).

What is the frequency for the Rock FM?

FM stations

Frequency (MHz) Name Format
90.2 The Rock Active rock
90.6 FM90.6 New Zealand Chinese Radio Chinese radio
91.0 91ZM Contemporary hit music
91.8 More FM Auckland Adult contemporary

Is Kerrang still a magazine?

Following a period of unprecedented turmoil within the music industry and beyond, we are temporarily suspending the publication of Kerrang! magazine for three months. The magazine will return on Wednesday July 8 and we will continue to publish it every week from that point onwards.

Is Kerrang Radio Free?

Radio stations, we have over 20 exclusive online rock stations available through your Kerrang! Radio Premium account, and additional on-demand music, shows and specials from our other Premium radio stations; Planet Rock, Scala Radio and Jazz FM. Kerrang! Radio Premium subscribers can now get a 30 day free trial.

Is Kerrang Radio live?

Kerrang! Radio radio stream live and for free.

Is Kerrang Magazine ending?

Having stopped publishing in print at the start of the COVID-19 shutdown, Kerrang! has now delayed its return in that format indefinitely as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

How do I change the frequency of my car radio?

To program the car stereo, do the following:

  1. Power on the car stereo.
  2. Turn the volume down on the car stereo.
  3. Set the car stereo to FM.
  4. Select an FM frequency between 88.1 MHz and 107.9 MHz that is not currently being used. NOTE: FM reception may change as your location changes.