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What happened to El Hadji Diouf?

After his playing career ended in 2015, Diouf returned to Senegal where his reputation saw him become a government goodwill ambassador and adviser on sport to President Macky Sall.

How old is El Hadji Diouf?

40 years (January 15, 1981)
El Hadji Diouf/Age

How much did Liverpool pay for El Hadji Diouf?

In truth, Diouf was never really as good as the hype claimed. This is no tale of wasted talent. He was never really that good. Lens were delighted to bank the £10m he cost Liverpool after 18 goals in 54 games for the club.

Who signed El Hadji Diouf?

“We can confirm that African Footballer of the Year El-Hadji Diouf has now signed a five-year deal with Liverpool, which is wonderful news for everyone at the club,” club spokesman Ian Cotton said in a statement on the club’s website.

Who is the best football player of all time according to FIFA?

Brazilian legend Pele is widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time. No player has won more World Cups than him, and that alone should be enough to justify the Brazilian’s inclusion on the top of this list.

Did Diouf play for Manchester United?

Mame Biram Diouf

Personal information
Years Team Apps
2006–2007 Diaraf
2007–2009 Molde 62
2009–2012 Manchester United 5

What is Manes net worth?

Sadio Mane net worth and salary: Sadio Mane is a Senegalese professional soccer player who has a net worth of $20 million….Sadio Mane Net Worth.

Net Worth: $20 Million
Place of Birth: Bambali, Sédhiou, Senegal

How many goals did Diouf scored for Liverpool?

6 goals
Diouf made 80 appearances for Liverpool, scoring just 6 goals.

What did Diouf do?

In England. Several times during his early Premier League career, Diouf was accused of spitting at fans and opposition players. In 2002, he was accused of spitting at West Ham United fans while warming up as a substitute for Liverpool during a game at Anfield.

What does El Hadji mean?

Hadji (also spelled Hajji, Haji or Hatzi) is a title and prefix that is awarded to a person who has successfully completed the Hajj (“pilgrimage”) to Mecca.

What FIFA was Pele?

The FIFA 100 is a list of the world-renowned Brazilian striker Pelé’s choice of the “greatest living footballers”….Ghana.

Player Pos. DoB
Abédi Pelé FW 1964-11-05