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What happened between Belle and Philip on Days of Our Lives?

Belle and Philip even became lovers again after her father, John, “died,” but Belle chose to marry Shawn. Belle agreed to do so, but at the last moment, Philip felt guilty and told her she didn’t have to go through with it. Shawn, Belle, and Claire left Salem soon after to bond as a family.

Who did Belle cheat on Shawn with?

Unbeknownst to Belle, Jan had taken Shawn captive, hoping to have him for herself. As a result, Belle turned to Shawn’s uncle, Philip Kiriakis, who secretly had a crush on her.

Is Bell Black leaving Days of Our Lives?

Taking over the popular role of Belle Black on Days of our Lives four years ago, Martha Madison enjoyed non-stop front burner storylines and won the fans over in the process.

When did Belle and Shawn get married?

November 23, 2007
On November 23, 2007, Belle and Shawn were married in a ceremony at his parents’ house.

Who is Belle marrying on Days of Our Lives?

By the time Shawn returned and he and Belle realized their true feelings for each other, she was already marrying Philip. After Philip returned from active duty injured, Belle stayed married to him and later gave birth to Claire Brady, who was eventually revealed to be Shawn’s daughter.

How many children do Shawn and Belle have on Days of Our Lives?

Belle is the only child of supercouple John Black and Marlena Evans. She is also one half of the supercouple Shawn Douglas Brady and Belle Black, and the mother of Claire Brady….Belle Black.

Spouses Philip Kiriakis (2005–07) Shawn Douglas Brady (2007–present)
Children Claire Brady (with Shawn)

What has happened to Belle on Days of Our Lives?

Belle left her husband and moved in with her parents as she reconciled with Shawn. After Victor Kiriakis kidnapped Claire, Belle and Shawn battled to get their daughter back and once the family was reunited, Shawn proposed. In 2008, Belle sailed away from Salem with Shawn and Claire to start a new life together.