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What GPA do you need to get into Macomb?

2.0 or
Maintain a cumulative 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) and maintain a cumulative completion rate of at least 67%.

Can you live on campus at Macomb Community College?

Because Macomb Community College is a public institution supported, in part, by county and state tax dollars, tuition rates are based on residency. Therefore, students who live within or own property in Macomb County pay the lowest tuition rate. It is important to have your current address on file with the college.

Is Macomb Community College free?

The Michigan Reconnect scholarship provides free in-district tuition for adults to complete a degree or certificate program at Macomb Community College.

Can you get a bachelor’s degree at Macomb Community College?

Yes, you can earn bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Macomb County at Macomb Community College! Through partnerships with 11 colleges and universities, the Macomb University Center (UC) on Macomb’s Center Campus offers more than 50 programs, including a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

What is a passing grade at Macomb?

Students who achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 with a minimum of 12 credit hours earned in that semester appear on the Dean’s List under the designation full-time student (12 plus credit hours)….Grading, Reports and Symbols.

Grade Honor Point Value Interpretation
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0 Passing
D- 0.7

How much is Macomb Community College per credit hour?

Credit Hour Cost and Price per Class

Price Per Credit 4 Credit Class
In District Residents $102 $408
Michigan Residents $190 $760
Out of State Residents $242 $968

Does Macomb Community College have housing?

Macomb Community College, a two-year school headquartered in southeastern Michigan, has been offering student living and educational opportunities in the region since 1954. Primarily a commuter college, the school invites students to find off campus housing in the region to support a convenient lifestyle.

How much is a semester at Macomb?

2020-21 Cost of Attendance

Tuition and fees $5,656
Room and board $5,872
Books/supplies $1,774
Transportation $2,868
Miscellaneous $1,260

Does Macomb Community College give scholarships?

Macomb Community College Private Scholarships We offer a variety of college scholarships funded by private donors. Scholarships are based on the academic year and are available to all Macomb Community College students who meet the criteria, which vary with each scholarship.

What are 2 year degrees called?

associate’s degrees
In the US, associate’s degrees are available at various types of college, including community colleges, junior colleges and technical colleges, affiliated colleges of universities and university institutes. It typically takes two years full-time to complete an associate’s degree.