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What frequency is Capital FM on?

Capital London

Broadcast area Greater London
Frequency DAB: 12C London 1 FM: 95.8 MHz London
Branding 95.8 Capital FM

Can you get Capital Radio on FM?

Capital Xtra is available on FM in London on 96.9 and 107.1 MHz and nationally on the Digital One DAB multiplex.

What radio frequency is Capital UK?

On Digital TV platforms it is available on: Freesat 719….Capital UK.

Broadcast area United Kingdom
Frequency DAB+: 11D/12A Digital One Freesat: 719 Freeview: 724 Sky (UK only): 0109 Talk Talk: 610 Virgin Media: 958
Branding 95–106 Capital FM
Format Contemporary hit radio

What frequency is pure Scotland?

Listen to Pure Radio Tayside on FM

FM 102.0 MHz
FM 106.6 MHz

What frequency is capital Worcester?

FM Frequencies

96.2 m Capital
96.3 v Capital
96.3 m Capital
96.5 v Capital

What station is pure Radio Scotland?

Pure Radio is a digital radio station for the the central belt and Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The station also broadcasts in Tayside on FM in Dundee and Perth with a local opt-out for news and advertising….Facts and stats.

Editorial area Central Scotland & Aberdeenshire
Former names Discovery 102

What channel is pure Radio Scotland on?

If you are in the Tayside, you can now hear Pure Radio on 102FM in and around Dundee. If you’re in and around Perth, you’ll find us on 106.6FM. Make sure to have AF selected on your car so the radio switches to the right frequency as you drive around Scotland.

What frequency is capital Birmingham?

102.2 MHz
Capital Birmingham

Broadcast area West Midlands
Frequency FM: 102.2 MHz RDS: CAPITAL_ DAB
Format Contemporary hit radio / Urban contemporary

Where are the Capital FM frequencies located in England?

List of Capital FM frequencies Frequency Broadcast Area Previous Name 95.8 London – 95.9 Brackley, Northamptonshire Banbury Sound 96.2 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Trent FM 96.2 Coventry, West Midlands Touch FM

What is the peak frequency of a FM signal?

Commercial FM signals use a peak frequencydeviation of ∆f= 75 kHz and a maximumbaseband message frequency of fm= 15 kHz.Carson’s rule estimates the FM signal bandwidthasBT= 2(75 + 15) = 180 kHz which is six timesthe 30 kHz bandwidth that would be required forAM modulation. FM Demodulation by a FrequencyDiscriminator

What is the FM index for tone modulation?


 For tone modulation: Modulation index, C = %f/fm BW = 2(kfAm + fm)

How is the phase of a carrier modulated in FM?

It can be shown that in FM, the modulated carrier contains an infinite number of side band due to modulation [1]. For this reason, FM is also bandwidth inefficient. Similarly, in Phase Modulation (PM), the phase of the carrier changes in accordance with the phase of the carrier, while the amplitude of the carrier does not change.