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What food is Extremadura famous for?

Some famous dishes of Extremadura are cocido extremeño, potaje de garbanzos y judías blancas (chick pea and bean soup), sopa blanca de ajos (white garlic soup), potaje de castañas secas (chestnut soup), olla con asaura (a stew with offal and blood), and gazpacho extremeño (variants of gazpacho, sometimes with ham or …

What is Extremadura known for?

Iberian ham
Despite being known for its Iberian ham, its vast open landscapes and for being an ideal birdwatching destination, Extremadura still is by far Spain’s most overlooked region by international travellers. Yet this fascinating area has many treasures and secrets to be discovered.

What is Spanish food known for?


  • JAMON IBERICO – Iberian ham.
  • PAELLA – Spanish rice dish.
  • GAZPACHO – Spanish tomato soup.
  • SALMOREJO – Spanish tomato purée.
  • TORTILLA ESPANOLA – Spanish omelette.
  • CROQUETAS – Spanish croquettes.
  • PAN CON TOMATE – Spanish bread with tomatoes.
  • BOCADILLOS – Spanish baguette sandwiches.

What is cocido extremeño?

Cocido extremeño This chickpea stew also contains chicken, chorizo and pork fat. The black pudding in cocido extremeño is distinctive because it must come from an Iberian pig, a highly valued breed that is fed a diet of acorns. Culinary tourists can sample this fantastic stew at luxury hotel Parador Zafra.

When was Extremadura founded?

Feb. 25, 1983
Extremadura was established by the statute of autonomy of Feb. 25, 1983. The capital is Mérida.

What is the climate like in Extremadura?

Extremadura has a continental climate with cool, mostly damp winters and hot, dry summers. As from June the summers are warm to hot. After September temperatures fall back to average values.

Why is Extremadura poor?

Extremadura is one of Spain’s poorest regions. The economy there is dependent on a construction industry which is now stagnant in the wake of Spain’s property boom and the public sector, which is being hit hard by the Spanish government’s policy of austerity.

What does Extremadura mean in English?

Extremadura in British English (Spanish estremaˈðura) noun. a region of W Spain: arid and sparsely populated except in the valleys of the Tagus and Guadiana rivers.

What is a typical Spanish meal?

Dinner might include fresh fish or seafood or a portion of roast chicken or lamb with fried potatoes or rice. An omelet and fish with a green salad on the side are also quite common. A simple and quick dish, commonly eaten at dinner is arroz cubano, a mound of white rice, topped with tomato sauce and a fried egg.

How was cocido cooked and when were they traditionally eaten?

Cocido madrileño is usually eaten in two or three courses. Once the chickpeas, meats and vegetables have been cooked, the broth is separated and is used to make soup. This steaming broth is served as the first course. Then, the rest of the flavorful ingredients become the main dish, often in two rounds.

What are people from Extremadura called?

Demonyms Extremaduran, Extremenian extremeño (m), extremeña (f)
ISO 3166 code ES-EX
Statute of Autonomy February 26, 1983
Official languages Spanish