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What equipment do officials need in football?

All referees carry a whistle, a watch, penalty cards, a data wallet with pen and paper, and a coin for determining which team has the choice of ends or kick-off. Most are encouraged to have more than one of each on them in case they drop a whistle or a pen runs out and so on.

What is the S logo on referee uniform?

Smitty Officials
Smitty Officials Apparel is now the Official Football Uniform Provider for all Division I, II and III NCAA conferences. When you flip on a college football game, the “S” will be visible on all on-field officials. Smitty Owners Joe & Patti DeRosa proudly pose in front of ESPN’s first major NCAA Football Game of 2019.

What do letters on football refs mean?

Referees wear numbers and letters to identify themselves in a football game. Like football players, referees have numbers and letters to let the coaches know who will make a call. For instance, a back judge will be responsible for signaling touchdown and worry about plays that happen downfield.

Why do referees wear watches?

The real reason most referees at the top levels wear the two watches is to keep track of extra time that will need to be added at the end of each half. One of the two watches is continuously run. The second watch is stopped during injuries, time-wasting, substitutions, the giving of cautions and red cards, etc.

Why do referees have two whistles?

When you are attempting to control the placement of the ball in mid-field then short sharp blasts with clear hand signals will ensure that you achieve this. So make certain you carry two whistles and do not have the habit of running around the field with it in your mouth.

What is the C official in college football?

center judge
The center judge (C) is positioned beside the referee in the offensive backfield adjacent to the referee, positioned equivalent to the Umpire. Such responsibilities include ball spotting, penalty marking, and assisting the referee and umpire.

What does it mean when a ref throws his hat in the air?

When this happens, that player becomes ineligible to catch the ball. So, in order to help remember that the player has gone out-of-bounds, the ref watching him throws his hat to the ground and later, if the catch is made, throws his flag.