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What does Zalem mean?

‘Zalem’ or ‘Zalim’ comes from the Arabic language meaning; 1. cruel 2. brutal 3. tyrannical 4. oppressive 5.

What is the plural of zalim?

Noun. zalim (definite accusative zalimi, plural zalimlər)

What does mazloom mean?

The Urdu Word مظلوم Meaning in English is Oppressed. The synonyms of Oppressed include are Abject, Abused, Burdened, Destitute, Distressed, Enslaved, Exploited, Helpless, Maltreated, Mistreated, Persecuted, Subservient, Suppressed, Tormented, Tyrannized, Underfoot and A Slave To.

What is Zalem in Alita Battle Angel?

Zalem is a floating city above it’s lower counterpart, Iron City. As the home of the mysterious Nova, it’s symbolically a city that the denizens of Iron City) equate to paradise and a better life.

What is oppressor mean?

noun. a person or group that exercises authority or power over another in a harsh and burdensome way:Meanwhile the oppressors, blind to the brutal and unjust practices sustaining their dominance, simply increase the level of force against any who resist.

What is a heartless person called?

brutal, callous, cold-blooded, cruel, harsh, inhuman, insensitive, merciless, ruthless, uncaring, unkind, cold fish, cold-hearted, hard, hard as nails, hard-boiled, hard-hearted, obdurate, pitiless, savage.

What does Masoom mean in English?

The Correct Meaning of Masoom in English is Innocents. Other similar words for Masoom include Bay Zarar, Masoom, Pak and Bay Khata.

How did Alita end up in the scrapyard?

She is a relic of the United Republic of Mars, a piece of effective war machinery. Even in her damaged, defunct state, she should not have been tossed aside so lightly. And since Alita is a product of war, she would not have knowingly been sent away from Zalem in the first place, tossed down to the Iron City junkyard.

Is Zalem real?

That giant metal structure in the sky is a man-made city called Zalem (“like the pronunciation of Jerusalem, ‘salem’”) – the last of the floating cities, which were destroyed during the war. “Zalem is still pretty preserved from 300 years before,” Rodriguez explains.