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What does the Military Family Support Center offer?

EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, educational, medical and personnel services to families with special needs (child or adult).

What is the Airman Family Readiness Center?

Airman and Family Readiness Center. The Airman & Family Readiness Center promotes self-sufficiency, enhances mission readiness, retention, and adaptation to the Air Force way of life. We provide Air Force members, their families, and leadership with measurable and effective services.

What happened at Edwards Air Force Base?

Edwards Air Force Base is a U.S. military facility full of aerospace firsts. It was where the sound barrier was broken, where X-planes eventually flew more than six times the speed of sound, and where the first space shuttle mission landed.

Is Edwards Air Force Base open to retirees?

There are no restrictions to retiree, retiree dependents, and veterans on all non-duty days (weekends and Holidays). All visitors to Edwards AFB and AF Plant 42 require approval by the member’s unit commander or equivalent.

What is military family support services?

Family Assistance Centers (FACs) are located in every state to serve geographically dispersed military families. FACs provide information, outreach, and referrals to services in your community and serve all active and Reserve service members and families, not just the National Guard.

What is FSS FS Air Force?

The EFMP-FS coordinators assist exceptional family members by providing resources, information and care. The goal is to provide information, referrals and specialized support to enhance the quality of life for all military members and their families.

What planes fly out of Edwards AFB?

United States Air Force

  • Headquarters Air Force Test Center.
  • 412th Test Wing (host wing) 412th Comptroller Squadron. 412th Operations Group. 411th Flight Test Squadron – F-22A Raptor. 412th Operations Support Squadron. 416th Flight Test Squadron – F-16C/D Fighting Falcon, T-38C Talon.

Can civilians go on Edwards Air Force Base?

Edwards is a closed base. If you do not have a military I.D. card, you must be employed on base as a civilian and have the appropriate identification or you must be sponsored on by someone who lives or works here. In addition to a sponsor, you need a valid driver’s license, auto registration and proof of insurance.

Does the military support family?

The Defense Department recognizes the service and sacrifice of our military families, and dedicates resources, services, policies and programs to support the more than 2 million uniformed service members and 2.6 million family members across the globe.

What is Air Force brat?

noun. informal North American. A child of a parent (or parents) belonging to an air force; compare “army brat”, military brat .