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What does the FTD symbol mean?

FTD® is passionate about flowers and dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the florist industry. FTD®’s logo, the Mercury Man, comprised of the Greek god Mercury in a winged cap and winged sandals striding along with a bouquet of flowers held in his outstretched arm debuted in 1912.

What is the logo for the FTD florist?

FTD adopted the “Mercury Man” as its logo in 1912. The logo shows Mercury, wearing his winged cap and sandals, holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand. The use of the Mercury Man was based on Mercury (the Latin version of the Greek Hermes) being a messenger god renowned for his speed of travel.

What are flowers a symbol of?

What Does Each Flower Symbolize?

Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants
Lily, day Chinese emblem for mother
Lily, tiger Wealth, Pride
Lily-of-the-valley Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Humility
Lotus Flower Purity, Enlightenment, Self-regeneration, and Rebirth

Who owns FTD?

Nexus Capital Management
Flower-and-gift delivery business FTD was acquired by Los Angeles-based private equity firm Nexus Capital Management, the company announced in a statement today. The $110.9 million acquisition includes FTD’s North American and Latin American florist and consumer business.

What is Mercury the god of?

The Greek god Hermes (the Roman Mercury ) was the god of translators and interpreters. He was the most clever of the Olympian gods, and served as messenger for all the other gods. He ruled over wealth, good fortune, commerce, fertility, and thievery. Because of his speed, he was sometimes considered a god of winds.

Who started FTD?

Why Important: John Valentine founded the Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association (FTD) in 1910 so people could deliver flowers all across the country.

What is going on with FTD?

Flower and gift delivery service FTD filed for bankruptcy protection Monday with an agreement to sell some businesses while paying down debt and pursuing sales of its other brands. The nearly 110-year old company, based in Downers Grove, began restructuring and reviewing strategic alternatives last year.

Who started FTD flowers?

John Valentine
Florists’ Telegraph Delivery (FTD) was founded in 1910 by thirteen American florists led by John Valentine to serve each other’s out-of-town customers by exchanging orders via telegraph. In 1965, the company began offering international orders and changed its name to Florists’ Transworld Delivery.

Where is FTD flowers located?

Downers Grove, Illinois
U.S. FTD LLC (FTD), also known as Florists’ Transworld Delivery, is a floral wire service, retailer and wholesaler based in Downers Grove, Illinois, in the United States.

What does the Mercury symbol mean?

The symbol for Mercury represents the head and winged cap of Mercury, god of commerce and communication, surmounting his caduceus (staff). The symbol for Mars represents the shield and spear of the god of war, Mars; it is also the male or masculine symbol.

What does FTD stand for in the flower guide?

In August of 1910, FTD started as a non-profit cooperation between 15 florists who agreed to exchange their out of town orders through the telegraph. The original name of the company was Florists’ Telegraph Company or FTD. In 1914, the company chose the Roman messenger god, Mercury, as their logo to symbolize the speed of the FTD service.

What is the ticker symbol for FTD Companies?

FTD is spun off from United Online resulting in FTD Companies, Inc. becoming an independent, publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “FTD” FTD launched Mercury Connect, a hosted point of sale system making technology accessible for small and midsized florists

Who is the parent company of FTD flowers?

FTD was acquired by Perry Capital Corporation from the florists and converted into a for-profit corporation FTD launched FTD launched the famous FTD® Pick Me Up Bouquet® which is still merchandised today

When did FTD change its name to Transworld Delivery?

FTD officially launched an electronic system to link the florists together called the Mercury Network on August 8, 1979 Florists’ Telegraph Delivery changed its name to Florists’ Transworld Delivery to reflect the growing international partnership with Interflora