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What does Stage IB mean?

In general, stage IB describes invasive breast cancer in which: there is no tumor in the breast; instead, small groups of cancer cells — larger than 0.2 millimeter (mm) but not larger than 2 mm — are found in the lymph nodes or.

Is Stage 1B melanoma curable?

How is stage 1B melanoma treated? Removing the melanoma from the skin by surgery offers the best chance of a complete cure, and this treatment alone is usually successful in stage 1 melanoma. Most patients do NOT need either radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Is Stage 1B melanoma invasive?

Stage I melanoma is local melanoma, meaning it has not spread beyond the primary tumor. Stage I melanoma is invasive melanoma, as are Stage II, III, and IV; Stage 0 is not considered invasive melanoma. There are two subgroups of Stage I melanoma: IA and IB.

What is the prognosis for Stage 1b lung cancer?

Survival Rate and Prognosis of Stage I Lung Cancer. The overall 5-year survival rate for stage 1 lung cancer at this time is 49 percent for stage IA and 45 percent for stage IB.

What does stage 1b breast cancer mean?

Stage 1B. Stage 1B means that small areas of breast cancer cells are found in the lymph nodes close to the breast and that: no tumour is found in the breast or. the breast tumour is 2cm or smaller.

What are the symptoms of Stage 1 breast cancer?

Another symptom of Stage 1 breast cancer is that the nipple(s) are tender and sensitive to the touch. The changing in the nipple(s) can either cause pain, or they may cause discomfort with sensation like being pierced with small needles. The nipple(s) also may start to change shape and in the early stages of breast cancer.

What are the types of Stage 1 breast cancer?

Stage 1 breast cancer is associated with invasive breast cancer. There are 2 types of Stage 1 cancer: 1A and 1B. Stage 1A is invasive breast cancer that measures up to 2 cm without spread outside the breast or lymph nodes. Stage 1B is associated with invasive breast cancer with no tumor in the breast rather,…