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What does Pro-V stand for in Pantene?

Pantene Pro-Vitamin
The product line was first introduced in Europe in 1945 by Hoffmann-La Roche, which branded the name based on panthenol as a shampoo ingredient. The brand’s best-known product became the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioning formula, Pantene Pro-V (Pantene Pro-Vitamin).

What is the tagline of shampoo?

Slogans: Strong is beautiful. Let the best of you shine through. For the healthy hair you love. Hair so healthy it shines.

Why is Pantene Pro-V bad for hair?

After an amount of research I haven’t done since college, several Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioners contain unhealthy ingredients such as sulfates and long-ass words that end in “-cone.” Silicones are what make you feel easy, breezy, beautiful with shiny hair, BUT over time they act as plastic coats that cause …

Is Pantene Pro V good?

Pantene’s Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Hydrating Shampoo lathers up very well and rinses out easily. Followed up by conditioner, my hair looks lustrous and shiny and is easy to style. If you aren’t using a professional or salon product, Pantene is a very good choice for the price.

What is Pro V for hair?

The result was the Pantene Pro V shampoo which cleans and nourishes, leaving the hair shiny and healthy. The shampoo is meant for daily use, and is appropriate for all hair types. It’s a quick, easy, one-stop solution for daily hair care. Works like any other shampoo – lather, wait, rinse.

What is tresemme shampoo?

TRESemmé is an American brand of hair care products first manufactured in 1947 by the Godefroy Manufacturing Company in Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. The brand name is a phonetic respelling of “beloved” (French: très-aimé) that includes the surname of its namesake.

What is the slogan for L Oreal?

Because I’m Worth It
When L’Oréal Paris’s trademark slogan “Because I’m Worth It” was coined 40 years ago, it captured a feminist revolution. Now, it’s trying to weather a digital one.

Does Pantene Pro-V cause hair loss?

“There’s nary a plastic to be found in Pantene. And no, it doesn’t make your hair fall out either.” The brand also sent us an email to confirm that its products do not contain plastic. This can make foils heat up and expand, potentially causing chemical burns and hair breakage.