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What does Premier Seating mean at the Staples Center?

Premier Seating at Staples Center is a type of club seating for all events. These sections are located just above 100 level sections and extend from corner-to-corner on either side of the arena.

What is Staples Center Premium?

STAPLES Center Premium Our Privates Suites, Premier Seats and Premier Tables & Lounges include all Lakers, Clippers and Kings games plus access to top concerts, family shows and other world-class events. You and your guests are sure to have a VIP experience each and every time.

How much are Staples Center premier seats?

-The seats range from $15,500 to $36,500 per seat.

What are the best seats at Staples Center for a concert?

Any seats in the first 10 rows of the center floor section are considered “the best seats”. Seats in rows 11 to 20 are great as well. For concerts, we don’t recommend sitting in sections 4, 5, or 6 on the floor.

How many seats are in a row at the Staples Center?

Most rows in Section 314 at the Staples Center have between 10 and 15 seats with Seat 1 on your right as you look at the court. Exceptions are 8 seats in Row 2 and 18 seats in Row 12.

What are Lexus Club seats at Staples Center?

Lexus Club is an intimate dining experience with a spectacular view of L.A. LIVE campus along with the downtown Los Angeles cityscape. Located on Suite Level A, the Lexus Club is an exclusive private club and restaurant accessible to members only. For information regarding membership, please call (213) 742-7480.

What are suite seats at STAPLES Center?

Level A suites at the Staples Center bring you right to the center of the action. These suites are located closest to the rink, stage, or court and get you up-close and personal with those performing or playing. Most A Level suites come with 12 tickets but you have the option to purchase 6 additional tickets.

How much are box seats at a Laker game?

Los Angeles Lakers’ luxury suites for high-priority games range from $6,500 to $25,000. Individual VIP Lakers tickets in a suite may cost $200 – $600….

Low Range Location High Range
$6,000 A Level Suites first level; closest to the stage, rink, or court $20,000

Can you bring outside food into STAPLES Center?

Outside food and beverages are not permitted inside the arena. STAPLES Center is proud to offer Kosher and Gluten-free food options. Please see our Food & Drink page for more information. Unopened plastic water bottles, one liter or smaller are permitted (one per person).

What are Lexus Club seats at STAPLES Center?

Where are the premier seats at Staples Center?

The STAPLES Easy Center, located on Suite Level A (Premier Level), provides Private Suite and Premier Seat Holders with functional, intimate executive meeting space. It is conveniently location next to the two larger Wells Fargo conference rooms.

Is there a VIP box at Staples Center?

With a perfect sampling of Suites, Premium Seating and Catering you will be sure to have all you need to engage with those most important to your business. Ever wanter to be a VIP? Call NOW We carry a large selection of Staples Center Tickets & Staples Center Luxury Suites, Vip Boxes, Club Seats, Meet and Greets.

Where to eat and drink at Staples Center?

If your appetite takes you beyond burgers & hot dogs, you will be pleased by the exclusive culinary offerings of STAPLES Center’s premier clubs & restaurants. The following food and beverage options are available exclusively to guests in our Premier Seats and Private Suites. Located on Suite Level A.

Is the San Manuel club at Staples Center?

The San Manuel Club is available to all STAPLES Center Premier Seat, Private Suite and Premier Tables and Lounge Ticket Holders. If you are interested in making a reservation please call (213) 742-7450.