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What does pemphigoid, benign mucous membrane mean?

Pemphigoid, Benign Mucous Membrane. A chronic blistering disease with predilection for mucous membranes and less frequently the skin, and with a tendency to scarring. It is sometimes called ocular pemphigoid because of conjunctival mucous membrane involvement.

Is mucous membrane pemphigoid contagious?

Pemphigoid (or mucous membrane pemphigoid) is an autoimmune disease caused by an overactive immune system which reacts against parts of the body such as the mouth, nose, throat, skin and sometimes the eyes. he condition is not contagious and cannot be passed onto another person.

What is mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP)?

Mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) is characterized by subepithelial lesions caused by autoantibodies against molecules of epithelial basement membranes. The target molecules lie deeper than those of bullous pemphigoid. Several autoantibodies have been identified, including those against BPAG2, laminin-332, and type VII collagen.

What is mucosal membrane lines the stomach?

The inner surface of the stomach is lined by a mucous membrane known as the gastric mucosa. The mucosa is always covered by a layer of thick mucus that is secreted by tall columnar epithelial cells.