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What does outer heaven mean?

‘Metal Gear’ Profile: Outer Heaven Outer Heaven referred to a number of concepts that all pertain to Big Boss’ dream, which involved ending the abuse and exploitation of soldiers by the world’s governments, based on his interpretation of The Boss’ will.

Is Outer Haven or outer heaven?

Nuclear armament Outer Haven was a Kerykeion-class submersible battleship. A modified version of an Arsenal Gear model, it was stolen from the Patriots by Liquid Ocelot, and later used as a base of operations for his private military company Outer Heaven.

Is Mother base an outer heaven?

Mother Base, also referred to as Outer Heaven, and later as Old Mother Base, was an off-shore plant located on the Caribbean Sea that the Militaires Sans Frontières used as a base of operations in 1974.

Did Diamond Dogs become Outer Heaven?

A possible explanation: Eventually, Outer Heaven absorbs Diamond Dogs, including its soldiers and resources. The actual Mother Base becomes abandoned.

When did Diamond Dogs become Outer Heaven?

Diamond Dogs was ultimately suceeded by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven, some time prior to 1995.

What was the point of Operation Intrude N313?

His commanding officer, Big Boss, briefed him on the situation, and ordered Snake to do a follow-up mission to Gray Fox’s infiltration entitled Operation Intrude N313. His mission objectives were to rescue Fox, and to uncover the truth behind Metal Gear.

Where did the logo for Outer Heaven come from?

The skull motif of Outer Heaven’s logos originated in 1974 courtesy of the Militaires Sans Frontières. It was used during the Peace Walker Incident. In the 1980s, the logo for Outer Heaven possessed a skull facing forward with tiny wings from the jaw, on a patch emblem similar in shape to the old MSF logo.

Where are the words Outer Heaven on Metal Gear Solid?

The words Outer Heaven were placed on the arc above. The skull also possessed a hole in the right side of the forehead, which was similar to where Venom Snake’s horn/shrapnel wound was located. By 1995, the skull logo of Outer Heaven was reoriented to be facing down and to the left, and had four eyes, pronounced canines, and a missing lower jaw.

What did Solidus Snake mean by Outer Heaven?

In 2009, Solidus Snake used the term “Outer Heaven” as a codename for his plan to destroy the Patriots. Solidus originally intended to detonate a nuclear warhead over Wall Street, causing an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy the Patriots’ computer systems, used to control the nation from the shadows.

What did Big Boss Think of Outer Heaven?

While still considered a group of renegades, Big Boss thought that MSF was quickly becoming his personal “Outer Heaven”: a soldier’s paradise existing free of any one global power’s political control; or a home for those shunned amidst a global cold war.