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What does linger longer mean?

1 to delay or prolong departure. 2 to go in a slow or leisurely manner; saunter.

What does it mean to call someone a linger?

to be slow to act; dither; procrastinate.

When someone is lingering?

When someone lingers, he or she takes an unexpectedly long time to depart, as Romeo lingers when bidding Juliet farewell (or as annoying houseguests almost always tend to do).

What are synonyms for linger?

Find another word for linger. In this page you can discover 84 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for linger, like: wait, delay, stay, dwell, tarry, trail, hinder, be moribund, hurry, abide and lag.

How do you say linger in English?

Break ‘linger’ down into sounds: [LIN] + [GUH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What does the word limbering mean?

1 : having a supple and resilient quality (as of mind or body) : agile, nimble. 2 : capable of being shaped : flexible. limber. verb. limbered; limbering\ ˈlim-​b(ə-​)riŋ \

What are lingering feelings?

The verb linger, in this context, implies hanging around/carrying on after something has ended. So lingering feelings would be feelings you still have for a partner even when that partnership is over.

How do you use lingering in a sentence?

Lingering sentence example

  1. The sun was down, the afterglow of sunset lingering on the horizon.
  2. The goon that bruised her arm was lingering outside her building, along with two more.
  3. The lingering sickness in his body fled, gone for good.
  4. Cynthia sighed, lingering in the parlor.

What word means the opposite of linger?

linger. Antonyms: haste, speed, press, push. Synonyms: tarry, loiter, saunter, lag, hesitate, wait.

How do you use linger?

She lingered at the art exhibit. He lingered in bed and missed breakfast. They lingered over coffee after dinner. The heat lingered long after the sun had gone down.