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What does Hita mean in Spanish slang?

feminine noun. Technical) brad ⧫ headless nail.

What is Mi Hita?

In Latinx culture you will often hear daughters, young girls, and eventually the same young ones turned women referred to as mijita, hija, and in Northern New Mexico, mi hita. This is a term of endearment, a phrase of love, it is a calling of cherish.

Is Mija short for mi hija?

The term mija is a colloquial contraction of the Spanish words mi (“my”) and hija (“daughter”). Its male counterpart is mijo, joining mi and hijo (son). Spanish-speaking parents, naturally, often use mija when getting the attention of a female child or speaking to them fondly.

What is a Hitta?

The word hitta isn’t commonly used anymore, but if you watch a lot of criminal shows/movies they’d say it. It’s used to refer criminals who are willing to take any measure to do their job.

What is hito English?

mile-stone; milestone.

What does Majita mean in Spanish?

1. Colloquial. majita [f] CO. middle eastern person.

How do you pronounce mijita?


  1. mee. – hee. – tah.
  2. mi. – xi. – ta.
  3. mi. – ji. – ta.

What does it mean when a girl calls you mijo?

To me, it means two things: If said to a (much) younger person, then it means “son” / “sonny”, or “daugher” (mija). But if you say it to someone of similar age to your, then it’s more like “dude”, or “sis”. “¿Pero mijo, que haces?” ” Dude, what’re you doing?”

What is the difference between Mijo and hijo?

Hijo = Son Mijo = an invented word composed by the addition of “mi” and “hijo”, but it is not an official word, just a few people use it.

What does it mean to Pree?

: to taste tentatively : sample. pree the mouth of. Scottish. : kiss.

What is Chargie?

Editors Contribution. chargie. A friend, home , bro, side or die friend. For instance, a person says ‘what’s up chargie’ it could mean ‘what’s up brother or what’s up friend.

What is Galunggong in English?

Galunggong is a widely popular fish eaten in the Philippines. In English, the fish is called “Blue Mackerel Scad“. It could also be called a round scad or shortfin scad. Its scientific name is Decapterus macrosoma. Because of its popularity, many Filipinos joke about the Galunggong being the Philippines’ national fish.