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What does ER room stand for?

emergency room
: a hospital room or area staffed and equipped for the reception and treatment of persons requiring immediate medical care.

What is considered an emergency ER?

The law says that it is an emergency if you reasonably believe that it is an emergency. It is an emergency if waiting to get care could be dangerous to your life or a part of your body. A bad injury or a sudden serious illness can be an emergency. Severe pain and active labor are also emergencies.

Does USC Keck have an emergency room?

Our emergency room, led by physicians who are faculty at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, has one of the shortest wait times in the area and is continually enhancing its services for adults and children.

Is er the same as emergency?

“Many people use the ER as a place to receive after-hours care for minor illnesses or injuries without realizing they have another option,” says Dr. Evans. Urgent care centers are same-day clinics that can handle a variety of medical problems that need to be treated right away, but are not considered true emergencies.

What’s the difference between hospital and ER?

The main difference between a freestanding ER vs. hospital ER is what happens if the staff needs to admit you to the hospital. A hospital ER has direct access to inpatient admissions. At a freestanding ER, an ambulance will need to transport you to the hospital.

Why is it called Ed and not ER?

Because it is a department, not a room. ER (as a saying and a specialty) became popular after the TV show took off. OF course, Bob Dole kind of ruined ED as well w/ Viagra commercials, so…

Do I have to go to the hospital if I have Covid?

You don’t need to go to the hospital or ER if you have basic COVID-19 symptoms, like a mild fever or cough. If you do, many hospitals will send you home. If your case is severe, members of the medical staff will check for signs that the illness is causing more serious problems.

What is the largest hospital in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center
Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center is one of the largest public hospitals and medical training centers in the United States, and the largest single provider of healthcare in Los Angeles County.

Is General Hospital a real hospital?

DC Fandome – The Loop. Port Charles, New York is the fictional setting of the ABC soap opera General Hospital and its two spin-offs, General Hospital: Night Shift and Port Charles.

What is the difference between ER and urgent care?

An Emergency Department treats life- or limb-threatening health conditions in people of all ages. Urgent Care is the middle ground between your primary care provider and the Emergency Department. If you have a minor illness or injury that can’t wait until tomorrow, Urgent Care is the way to go.