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What does consulate mean in the French Revolution?

The Consulate (French: Le Consulat) was the top-level Government of France from the fall of the Directory in the coup of Brumaire on 10 November 1799 until the start of the Napoleonic Empire on 18 May 1804. By extension, the term The Consulate also refers to this period of French history.

What did the French Consulate do?

Conspiring with General Napoleon Bonaparte, Joseph Fouché, and C.M. de Talleyrand, he helped organize the military coup d’état that overthrew the Directory on 18 Brumaire (Nov. 9, 1799). The next day Sieyès, Bonaparte, and Pierre-Roger Ducos were made provisional consuls.

How did the consulate end the Revolution in France quizlet?

The Consulate ended the French Revolution because it gave Napoleon power, it allowed for the people to have a voice, and had checks and balances.

What was overthrown and replaced by the consulate?

It gave its name to the final four years of the French Revolution. A bloodless coup d’état under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte that overthrew the Directory, replacing it with the French Consulate. It took place on November 9, 1799, which was 18 Brumaire, Year VIII under the French Republican Calendar.

What are the functions of a Consulate?

Activities of a consulate include protecting the interests of their citizens temporarily or permanently resident in the host country, issuing passports; issuing visas to foreigners and public diplomacy.

What happened during the Consulate?

On November 9, 1799 (the month of “Brumaire” in the French Revolutionary calendar) Napoleon Bonaparte and Abbe Sieyes pulled off a coup in France. They overthrew the current Directory and replaced it with a new government: the Consulate.

What did Napoleon gain from the Concordat?

The Concordat was formally promulgated on Easter day, 1802. In the agreement the first consul (Napoleon) was given the right to nominate bishops; the bishoprics and parishes were redistributed; and the establishment of seminaries was allowed.

What was the agreement Napoleon made with the Catholic Church quizlet?

Concordat of 1801, this is the agreement between Pope Pius VII and Napoleon that healed the religious division in France by giving the French Catholics free practice of their religion and Napoleon more political power.

What is another word for consulate?

What is another word for consulate?

delegation deputation
embassy legation
ministry mission
capitoulate consular office
consulship government office