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What does a tuning fork do for your body?

The benefits of tuning forks can be numerous, but here are some highlights; balances the nervous system, enhances relaxation, stimulates chi, brings tranquility, reduces stress, inspires calm.

What are tuning forks used for spiritually?

Tuning Fork Therapy uses tuning forks to signal the physical body, the auric body and the mind’s consciousness to work together in healing. Everything that exists has its own pitch, or vibration.

How do tuning forks heal sound?

Put the end of the Tuning Fork directly onto the joint or muscle. As you touch it on any part of the body you can feel that vibration going in, which is very soothing. As the vibration fades away, reactivate it before it completely dies away. Keep working around the area where it is uncomfortable.

What is 128hz good for?

The Otto 128 is used for pain management, muscle spasms, or circulation. It promotes relaxation by stimulating the nervous system and the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, a gas in our blood vessels, is known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and health.

Do tuning forks really work for healing?

Tuning forks can assist the immune system and help stimulate the body to heal it self. Because our bodies are made up of water and water conducts sound, the body is an awesome resonator for sound.

How do you use Otto tuning forks?

Use the Otto tuning forks directly on the body to stimulate your nervous system and to aid in reducing tension in the body. Let them resonate through your skin and into your bones with deep Earth tones, bringing peace and relaxation.

What are Otto tuning forks?

The Otto Tuning Forks are used for relaxation, and for sending vibrations into the bones. The forks are tuned to the frequencies of 32hz, 64hz and 128hz. They vibrate at a low pitch due to their weighted prongs.

What are the frequencies of the Otto tuning forks?

” Otto ” refers to osteophonic tuning forks, which means using sound to vibrate bones. The Otto Tuners are different octaves of the note “C” in the Pythagorean Scale. The frequencies are 32 hz, 64 hz and 128 hz.

How to use tuning forks for sound healing?

Tap your tuning forks and allow the felt feeling of the image to guide your tap and resonate with the sound. Next bring the tuning forks to the ears, ring them over the body, or place them on the body with the image as your guide. Exercise #1: Body Tuner™ Toning

What do you use the Otto tuner for?

The Otto tuners are used for relaxation, the sound vibrates into the bones for relaxation. The Otto Tuners are tuned to the frequencies of 32cps, 64cps and 128cps. They vibrate at a low pitch and due to their weighted ends the sound lasts longer than that of regular tuning forks.

Which is the best tuning fork for beginners?

The best tuning forks for beginners are the Body Tuners™ (set) and the Otto 128™. These tuning forks can be used for most healing applications and learning to use them will make advanced applications of tuning forks easier to master.