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What does a side cutter foot do?

Firstly you may want to know what a side cutter foot is. It is a sewing machine foot which is also known as a cut and hem foot because it hems your fabric and cuts the edge off as you go. Just like an overlocker but on a domestic sewing machine.

Is an Overlocker foot any good?

It works great on cotton, and I’d recommend it for sewers who don’t need to extensively sew knits and wouldn’t frequently need a serged seam. Honestly, it’s much faster to plop the side cutter foot on my sewing machine than it is to rethread my serger if I need a specific thread color.

Can you get an Overlocker attachment?

Universal Side Cutter Sewing Machine Foot Attachment is compatible with most low shank sewing machines. It will make an overlock stitch by cutting the fabric.

How does an overlock foot work?

The overcast foot works by having a bar in the centre which wraps the thread around the edge of the fabric as you stitch, whilst preventing the fabric from curling. This protects the raw edge of the fabric to stop it from fraying or unravelling.

Can you sew normally with an overlocker?

Although you can create knit garments on a sewing machine, you can also make them using an overlocker. You will normally need to adjust the differential feed up a notch or two to work with knit fabrics. This prevents the fabric from stretching as it feeds through the machine.

What is a serger foot?

Sergers and overlock machines wrap the seam around the edge of the fabric edge to provide a finished look and prevent unraveling. Serger feet are matched to your machine by brand name and model number. Type in, at minimum, the brand and model number of your machine.

How to use side cutter ( cut and hem ) foot?

How to Use a Side Cutter (Cut and Hem) Foot If you don’t own a Serger (overlock machine) but want to hem and trim simultaneously, check out the Side Cutter (Cut and Hem) Foot. This foot is basically an Overcast foot with a cutting blade similar to a serger blade. Use an overcast stitch for woven fabric or the zigzag stitch for knits.

What do you do with a side Cutter?

The Side Cutter Attachment trims fabric while you sew a seam. Sew seams and seam finishes simultaneously. The Side Cutter gives garments a professional finish. Just use the ZigZag or Overedge Stitch to complete your look!

Is the singer side cutter attachment presser foot compatible?

Yes The Singer Side Cutter Attachment Presser Foot (# 2500258.01) is compatible with the Singer Heavy Duty model 4432 sewing machine. To find additional, optional, presser feet and accessories that are compatible with your Singer sewing machine please view the “Accessory Finder” on the web site at the web address below:

How big is a side Cutter for sewing?

Sew seams and seam finishes simultaneously. SIDE CUTTER with DIMENSIONS: The Side cutter dimension with 3 x 2 x 1 inches and Item weight 3.52 ounces. ZIGZAC and OVEREDGE STITCH: The Side Cutter gives garments a professional finish. Just use the ZigZag or Overedge Stitch to complete your look.