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What does a panorex X-Ray Show?

A panoramic x-ray allows us view your head, neck, and jaw, and how they work together as a whole, which means we can more easily identify cysts, tumors, growths, jaw abnormalities, and cancer. Early Detection.

What is a panorex used for?

A panorex is an x–ray that provides a full view of the upper and lower jaws, teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and sinuses.

Is a panoramic xray necessary?

It’s not always necessary to take a full panoramic x-ray. A smaller bitewing x-ray may be sufficient if your dentist needs to focus on just a few teeth. However, if your dentist needs to assess your whole mouth – including your jawbone – then a full panoramic x-ray may be necessary.

When to use a Panorex single FMX X-ray?

Many dental offices are starting to use a Panorex X-ray as part of a routine checkup and dental cleaning. Like a full set of bitewing X-rays, the Panorex single FMX is used during your initial dental visit and every few years thereafter to check for signs of dental problems.

Where to buy a dental panoramic X-ray machine?

If you’re looking for a dental panorex for sale, shop at Dental Planet to get low prices without sacrificing when it comes to quality and performance.

What does Kavo panoramic X ray system do?

The KaVo portfolio panoramic X-ray systems, quickly and efficiently deliver detailed images that help improve patient care. The modular systems offer the flexibility to grow with your practice, on your timeline.

Do you have to wear lead apron for Panorex Xray?

While you’ll still wear a lead apron to protect yourself from radiation, you’ll stand in the center of the machine. The camera rotates in a half circle around your head, staring at one side of the jaw and ending at another. For a clear picture, you’ll need to remain still; don’t worry — it only takes a few seconds for the process to complete.