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What does a dashed line mean on a weld symbol?

The dashed line, if it is on the other side of the reference line from the symbol, is indicating an “arrow side” weld. A dashed line on the same side as the symbol indicates that it is a “other side” weld.

What weld symbols mean?

Welding symbols provide the means of placing complete welding information on drawings. 3-2) is used to designate the type of weld to be made, its location, dimensions, extent, contour, and other supplementary information. Any welded joint indicated by a symbol will always have an arrow side and an other side.

What does Pqr stand for in welding?

Procedure Qualification Record
A Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) is the record of the actual weld test parameters used.It is the founding document as far as procedures are concerned and is used to produce welding procedure specification sheets (WPS) for production welds.

What do you call a hit and Miss Weld?

A staggered weld is simply designed as a fillet weld with a hit and miss so you would call it as 6″ on 6″ off or as required for the particular fillet weld. so the weld would then be half as strong as the same size continuous weld. …” ↳ Welcome!

What is welded in 100 hit and 300 Miss?

the actual terminology may be a local term, but judging by the Hit miss 100 300 it sort of sounds like weld 100 miss 300. in a stitched weld. Be careful however, in many welds like this the “miss” measurment is a pitch measure. This means its the centrepoint of the welds.

What does the butt weld symbol mean in welding?

Once two plates sit flat and aligned straight and parallel by butting to one another end to end. These joints are two types. The butt weld symbol exhibits the welding requirement, preparation, type of weld, and site. The one-sided weld can be promptly recognized from the symbols.

What does a weld symbol without a flag mean?

A weld symbol without a flag indicates that the weld is to be made in the shop. In older drawings, a field weld may be denoted by a filled black circle at the junction between the arrow and the reference line. The open circle at the arrow/reference line junction is present if the weld is to go all around the joint, as in the example below.