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What documents does my recruiter need?

Your recruiter will give you a list of documents you need. They may include government IDs like driver’s license, social security card, high school diploma, birth certificate, college transcripts, medical documents, court documents, etc. Do you need my complete medical and legal history?

Do Army recruiters get a bonus for hiring new recruits?

In fact, recruiters put more hours on-the-job than just about any person in the military. Regardless of what you’ve heard, recruiters do not get a monetary bonus for signing people up. They get their regular paycheck, whether you enlist or not.

How much extra pay do Army recruiters get?

In addition to typical active duty pay and benefits, detailed recruiters receive up to $300 a month Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP). Upon successful completion of the Army Recruiter Course at Ft.

Do recruiters get Bah?

Recruiting personnel are often assigned to locations where housing costs are not documented and not fully supported by Basic Allowance Housing (BAH), and where military housing is not available within a reasonable commuting distance.

What paperwork do I need to take to MEPS?

Preparing for MEPS Bring your Social Security card, birth certificate, and driver’s license. Remove earrings (they obstruct the headset used for the hearing test) If you wear glasses or contacts, bring them along with your prescription.

Do military recruiters make good money?

While Army recruiters do go through special training and gain extra pay for their work, they in-fact DO NOT get a commission based on individual recruits. Army recruiters are granted special duty pay on their bi-weekly paychecks to compensate them for their extra work and training.

Do military recruiters get paid for recruits?

What kind of MOs do you have in the Army?

Army MOS List MOS Name Rank 01B Electrical-Electronic Engineering Assist Enlisted 01B Aviation/Infantry/Armor/Military Intelli Officer 01C Mechanical Engineering Assistant Enlisted 01C Chemical/Engineer/Military Police Immate Officer

Who are the band members on the Army MOS list?

Army MOS List MOS Name Rank 02A Army Bandperson Enlisted 02A Combat Arms Generalist Officer 02B Cornet or Trumpet Player Enlisted 02B Infantry/Armor Immaterial Officer

Where do I Send my Army recruiting packet?

Soldiers at the installations listed on the Contact Us page must take or email their packets to their respective Division Outreach NCO who will submit the packet to USAREC. Please download and complete the linked RTR forms.

What are the different types of feeder MOS?

WOMOS Warrant Officer Title Enlisted Feeder MOS 153A Rotary Wing Aviator All MOSs 170A Cyber Warfare Technician Preferred CMF 17, 25 and 35 MOS (All oth 170B Electronic Warfare Technician Preferred 17E MOS (35S, 18E, 19D and 25 170D Cyber Capabilities Developer Technician All MOSs