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What do you need to know about vaderstad rapid drills?

At Agri-Linc, we supply the definitive range of Vaderstad Rapid drill parts. Vaderstad’s Rapid series of drills provide industry-leading versatility, facilitating seedbed prep, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation. Whether you’re planting crops or laying slug pellets and micro granulates, Rapid units offer a unique, all-in-one solution.

How does vaderstad point configurator work for You?

Väderstad provides points for all needs and conditions. To optimize the working result, it’s important to use the right wear part. Väderstad’s point configurator helps you find the right points for your machine and conditions. Väderstad parts are designed, tested and produced at Väderstad Components in Sweden.

What is the purpose of vaderstad farm machinery?

Väderstad farm machinery is built to create the optimum environment allowing for perfect emergence in your field. Whether it’s cultivation, seedbed preparation or seed placement, our vision is to ensure perfect emergence to maximise yields.

Where do they make vaderstad parts in Sweden?

Väderstad parts are designed, tested and produced at Väderstad Components in Sweden. As a manufacturer of premium machines for professionals, it’s our duty to provide original parts of the highest quality, with a perfect fit.

What do you need to know about the rapid 400-800s?

Rapid A 400-800S is designed with the driver in focus, while never compromising on the important seeding precision and crop quality. Rapid is a seed drill that carries out seedbed preparation, levelling, drilling and reconsolidation in one pass.

What kind of Seed counting system does vaderstad use?

Väderstad SeedEye is a unique system for seed counting and seed monitoring. With SeedEye farmers can easily set the number of seeds per square metre, without the need for calibration. SeedEye ensures excellent seeding results with full control.

What kind of box drill is rapid 300-400?

The 3 or 4m wide box seed drill Rapid 300-400, is available either as the seed-only version Rapid 300-400S or as the combi version Rapid 300-400C. Thanks to its versatility the machine is able to handle multiple crops, grass leys and cover crops, as well as micro granulates or slug pellets.