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What do we celebrate in October in the Philippines?

October Fiesta Guide Popular Philippine Festivals

  • FIESTANG KULIAT. October | Angeles City.
  • ZAMBOANGA HERMOSA Philippine Festival. October 1- October 12 | Zamboanga City.
  • LA NAVAL Philippine Festival. October | Nationwide.
  • KINILAW Philippine Festival.
  • SINANGGIYAW Philippine Festival.
  • PAGODA (Feast of St.

What do we celebrate in October?

30 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate In October

  • October 1: World Vegetarian Day.
  • October 1: World Smile Day.
  • October 2: National Custodian Day.
  • October 2: World Farm Animals Day.
  • October 4: Ten-Four Day.
  • October 4: National Ships-In-Bottles Day.
  • October 8: National Pierogi Day.
  • October 10: National Handbag Day.

What are the 4 major national celebrations in the Philippines?

Here are some of the biggest Philippine festivals you must experience:

  • Sinulog Festival – Cebu.
  • Ati-Atihan Festival – Aklan.
  • Dinagyang Festival – Iloilo City.
  • Pahiyas Festival – Lucban, Quezon.
  • Panagbenga Festival – Baguio City.
  • Lechon Festival – Batangas.
  • Kadayawan Festival – Davao City.
  • MassKara Festival – Bacolod.

What unique holidays are celebrated in October?

Fun October Theme Days and Wacky, Offbeat, October Holidays

  • October 1. World Smile Day.
  • October 2. World Card Making Day.
  • October 3. Techie’s Day.
  • October 4. Improve Your Office Day.
  • October 5. World Teachers Day.
  • October 6. International Walk to School Day.
  • October 7. Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Day.
  • October 8. World Octopus Day.

What two holidays are in October?


  • 1 International Day for the Elderly.
  • 1 World Smile Day first Friday of month.
  • 3 Oktoberfest ends in Germany.
  • 11 Columbus Day observed on second Monday.
  • 11 Indigenous People Day second Monday of month.
  • 11 Thanksgiving Day in Canada, 2nd Monday.
  • 15 Boss’s Day – Weekday closest to October 16.
  • 16 Sweetest Day 3rd Saturday.

Is October 5 holiday in the Philippines?

October 5 of every year shall be declared as a non-working holiday for all teachers in the Philippines provided that all teachers shall be paid their regular daily pay during the said day. Sec.

What is October 19th day?

National Friendship Day One of the great things about friends, is that you can discuss important things with them that you might never share with your family. That’s because good friends are the family that you choose. Celebrate them on National Friendship Day.

What is the Dagupan festival?

Held in Dagupan City in Pangasinan, Bangus Festival is celebrated to give thanks to the city’s thriving aquaculture, especially in the bountiful bangus or milkfish harvests.

What are the October festivals in the Philippines?

The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival also known as Fiesta Pilar is a month-long festival of Zamboanga City held every October. The festival is celebrated in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pillar at the legendary Fort Pilar. The festival features street dancing, exhibits, trade fairs, regatta, Mascota de Zamboanga.

When is the Philippine fiesta in Zamboanga City?

A month-long celebration of the twin fiestas of Angeles City, namely La Naval and Fiestang Apu. ZAMBOANGA HERMOSA Philippine Festival October 1- October 12 | Zamboanga City

When is the Fruit Festival in the Philippines?

The Kidapawan City Fruit Festival held something during the months of July and August. The abundant harvest of these high-value crops is the focus of the annual colorful, exciting and exuberant “Timpupo”. Nestled at the foot of the Philippines highest peak the Mt. Apo. Kidapawan City is the “Fruit Basket of Central Mindanao”.

When is the Sibug Festival in the Philippines?

A weeklong celebration of Sibugaynon (people of Zamboanga Sibugay) is a commemoration of its founding day as a Province. Sibug – Sibug Festival is celebrated every February with its highlight fixed on February 26. During the event, the streets are