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What do Tarahumara runners wear on their feet?

According to Lieberman, “Tarahumara who wear huaraches have higher and stiffer arches than those who wear modern, supportive shoes.” He backed this idea on the basis that “several features of modern running shoes, especially stiff midsoles and arch supports, likely decrease how much work the intrinsic muscles of the …

What do Tarahumara runners wear?

It is challenging to run barefoot under such conditions, and it is hardly surprising that Tarahumara traditionally run in sandals, known as huaraches, that consist only of a piece of rawhide affixed firmly to the sole of the foot by a leather thong that goes between the first and second toes as well as behind the ankle …

Why are the Tarahumara excellent runners?

If the Tarahumara don’t have any special advantages, why are so many of them able to perform such prodigious feats? Their ability, the authors suggest, “derives from hard work, physically active lifestyles, determination, and the spiritual and social values they place on endurance running.”

What do the Tarahumara eat?

The mainstay of the Tarahumara is corn but they also eat squash, beans and chili. They also utilize all plants of the Barranca del Cobre and have even been known to domesticate some wild plants as to make them more accessible for consumption. Pinole, a fine powder of toasted corn is the most common food.

What kind of shoes do Tarahumara Indians wear?

The Tarahumaras typically run barefoot or in huaraches, thin sandals often made from discarded tires. Today you can purchase custom-made running huaraches for $50 and up. For about $20 (and up), you can buy a kit containing all the materials you need to make your own huaraches.

How does a huarache running sandal work?

The Huarache running sandal consists of one continuous strap or thong originating through the bed of the sandal between the first and second toe and then binding the foot to the sandal creating an incredibly effective and elegant design.

How do you put holes in running sandals?

If you intentionally cut your sandals wide on the sides, put the marks for the holes inside the lines of your original paper template; otherwise, your foot will slide around in the sandal. Now it’s time to whip out your leather punch (or rusty nail) and put the holes in your sandals!

What do you need to make sandal laces?

The materials needed, and the expense required, are minimal. You need a car mat (or some other thin rubber material), some parachute cord (about 6′ for each sandal), and a pair of scissors. For better results, you can spend an extra $10 or so for a leather punch in order to make cleaner holes for the laces.