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What did the Agents inject Morpheus with?

Agent Brown attempts to kill Trinity. He was the first Agent to have a prominent role, being the Agent who pursued Trinity on the rooftops. Afterwards, he would constantly appear alongside Agents Smith and Jones until the moment he injected Morpheus with a program (encoded in some form of silver liquid).

Who is the leader of the machines in the Matrix?

Origins. The Deus Ex Machina was the leader of the Machines, as it holds a hatred towards humankind for their arrogant nature and using the Machines as their own slaves. As such, the Deus Ex Machina created an empire where the Machines would rule over the world and subject humankind to slavery.

Why is Agent Smith rogue?

11 AGENT SMITH IS THE MANY You think you know the answer: an intelligent agent created by the Matrix to hunt down rogue humans, and ultimately went rogue to try to kill Neo. Whereas Neo’s goal is to save Zion and the humans inside the Matrix, Agent Smith’s goal was to destroy Zion and all humans.

Who is the actor who plays Morpheus in the matrix?

In all three theatrical films, he is portrayed by actor Laurence Fishburne . Morpheus is a Zion operative who serves in the city’s defense force against attack from the Machines. His hovercraft, the Nebuchadnezzar, has far less armament than its sister craft.

When did Morpheus plant the bomb in the matrix?

During the game events on May 26, 2005 (as recorded on the game’s official website), Morpheus plants a code bomb in the Rumbaar water treatment facility. After planting the bomb, he realizes he is being hunted by the enigmatic, masked figure known as the Assassin.

Who are the upgraded Agents in the matrix?

Upgraded Agents (from left to right) Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson. Six months after Neo’s transfiguration into The One, the Matrix sent Agents Brown and Jones back to the Source and deployed the upgraded Agents Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson .

Who is the Agent White in the matrix?

Agent White also appears in The Matrix: Path of Neo as a replacement for Smith after the latter was destroyed by Neo. White appears in only one section of the Redpill Rescue level called The Security Guard.