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What delivery service does OnTrac use?

DirectPost ® by OnTrac DirectPost is now part of OnTrac Ground! With OnTrac Ground, you can reach destinations 1-2 days faster than the national companies and save on surcharges and fees.

Does OnTrac deliver to USPS?

OnTrac does not deliver to P.O. Boxes, with the exception of DirectPost Service, where the USPS handles the last-mile delivery.

How do I contact OnTrac?

1 (800) 334-5000
OnTrac/Customer service

How long has Quik Trak been delivering packages?

Quik Trak Messenger Service has been providing same day, fast and reliable delivery service to more than 1,000 companies in Manhattan and the Tri-State area for 35 years. How fast? Our bike, truck or walker courier can pick up and deliver your rush package within 20 minutes!

Is there a same day delivery company in New York?

Many courier companies in New York dismiss the notion that uniforms and branded vehicles are essential to 3PL success. Taking a different path, we at RDS Same Day Delivery present our brand across the board—from our vans and trucks, to our company uniforms and hats.

Are there any courier services in New York City?

Providing residential and commercial delivery services in NYC and beyond. As one of the oldest and most well-respected courier services in New York City, our lightning quick messengers are legendary. Plus, our ever-expanding truck delivery and logistical divisions are ready with fast, effective and cost-efficient solutions to any challenge.

Is there a Quik Trak Messenger Service in NYC?

All your messenger and trucking needs can be taken care of by Quik Trak. Quik Trak Messenger Service was established in 1986 and is absolutely committed to levels above the highest quality. We are members of the New York State Messenger and Courier Association, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Transportation Alternatives.