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What county is Phillips Lake?

Marinette County
Phillips Lake is a 12 acre lake located in Marinette County. It has a maximum depth of 18 feet. Fish include Panfish and Largemouth Bass.

How many acres is Phillips Lake in Mason County?

106.5 acres
At an elevation of 192 ft. and 106.5 acres, it’s home to a couple species of fish, including bluegill, rainbow trout and largemouth bass. Phillips Lake provides good shoreline access and a boat launch. Elevation: 192 ft….Phillips Lake Stocking Reports.

Date Quantity Fish
March 31, 2016 180 Rainbow @ 1.67lbs

Is Phillips Lake Oregon Open?

Season open year-round.

Is Jubilee Lake Oregon open for fishing?

Area Status: Open This site is known for good fishing and swimming and is a wonderful way to escape the summer heat. Jubilee Lake campground offers a variety of recreational actitivies for visitors of all abilities, including fishing and hiking trails.

What state is Solberg Lake in?

Solberg Lake
Solberg Lake
Location Douglas and Grant County, Minnesota
Coordinates 45°56′57″N 95°45′41″WCoordinates: 45°56′57″N 95°45′41″W
Type lake

Can you swim in Phillips Lake Oregon?

Although visitors are often seen wading and swimming in lakes, streams and rivers on the Forest, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest only has one designated swimming area at Phillips Lake. Be careful around forest lakes, streams and rivers. …

Are campfires allowed at Union Creek Campground?

This picturesque campground in the midst of old growth forest cradles Union Creek as well as the intersection of Union Creek and the Rogue River….Union Creek Campground.

Number of Campsites 73
Drinking Water Yes
Toilets Single Vaults
Camp host on Site Yes
Fires Allowed Yes

Can you swim in Jubilee Lake?

Jubilee Lake in Daylesford, Victoria is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, birdwatching, bushwalking, and picnicking. You can also enjoy a scenic 30 minute circuit walk around the lake, and be sure to stop and sample the water at the mineral spring tap.

What kind of fish are in Jubilee Lake?

Rainbow trout
Jubilee Lake is near Walla Walla. The most popular species caught here are Rainbow trout and Skamania trout.

Can you swim in Wallowa Lake?

Swimming At Wallowa Lake You’ll find developed swimming areas at both the head and foot of the lake. Both locations provide a shallow sandy area to wade-in and the color of the water makes it so inviting! The beaches are almost never congested and the shore at the south end near the campground has plenty of room.

What fish are in Olive Lake?

Olive Lake is a lake located just 30.9 miles from John Day, in Grant County, in the state of Oregon, United States, near Robinsonville, OR. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including rainbow trout, brook trout and sockeye salmon here.

Does Union Creek Campground have showers?

Union Creek Campground can accommodate trailers or RVs under 28-feet but does not offer hookups. There are 3 administrative sites available with hookups on a first-come first-serve basis….Union Creek Campground.

Number of Campsites 73
Nearest Store (Miles) <1
GPS Latitude: 42.9102778 Longitude: -122.45
Elevation 3100 ft.
Showers No