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What city is Elijah State Park in?


Elijah Clark State Park
Nearest city Lincolnton, Georgia
Coordinates 33°51′16.2″N 82°25′10.54″WCoordinates: 33°51′16.2″N 82°25′10.54″W
Area 447 acres (1.81 km2)
Website Official website

Can you Fish at Elijah Clark State Park?

Elijah Clark State Park is full of history and adventure. You’ll enjoy fishing from your boat or the pier, swimming in the cool waters after a long day of hiking, and ending the day comfortably in your RV in one of Elijah Clark’s thickly forested campgrounds.

What Lake is Elijah Clark State Park?

Clarks Hill Lake
This park is located on the western shore of 71,100 acre Clarks Hill Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Southeast. With its boat ramps and accessible fishing pier, it is especially popular with anglers and boaters.

Is Clarks Hill Lake open?

Park hours are 8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Is there a town under Clarks Hill Lake?

Once Georgia’s third largest town, Petersburg, located in the forks of the Broad and Savannah rivers in Elbert County, is now submerged under the waters of Clarks Hill Lake.

How big is lake Thurmond?

288 km²
Clarks Hill Lake/Area

What was Elijah known for?

Elijah Clarke was among the few heroes of the Revolutionary War from Georgia. Even though he was wounded several times, Clarke led several successful frontier guerrilla campaigns against British soldiers and American Loyalists during the war. Clarke County is named for him.

Is there a town at the bottom of Clarks Hill Lake?

Are there alligators in Lake Strom Thurmond?

“We’ve seen alligators on very rare occasions in the Southern part of the reservoir. “Phinizy Swamp in Augusta is a natural habitat for them, as well as a research area, and it wouldn’t be out of reason for one of them to wander toward Thurmond Lake,” Birdwell said.

Are there alligators in Clarks Hill Lake?

While reports of alligator sightings in and around Clark’s Hill Lake have circulated over the past several years, there seems to be little evidence that these reptiles have made the waters a long-term habitat. “We’ve seen alligators on very rare occasions in the Southern part of the reservoir.

What type of fish are in Clarks Hill Lake?

Striped bass
Redbreast sunfishLargemouth bassChannel catfishBluegill
Clarks Hill Lake/Fish

Known nationally for excellent largemouth bass and striped bass fishing, Clarks Hill Lake, aka Lake J. Strom Thurmond also serves up quality fishing for many other species. The lake has populations of bass, stripers, hybrid striped bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, sunfish and chain pickerel.

Where is Strom Thurmond?

Strom Thurmond Lake is a man-made lake bordering Georgia and South Carolina on the Savannah, Broad, and Little Rivers. The lake is created by the Thurmond Dam, located on the Savannah River 22 miles above Augusta, Ga., and 239.5 miles above the mouth of the Savannah River.