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What can you see with an 8 inch DOB?

You will be able to see quite a bit! Open clusters and globular clusters will be great, although the fainter globs won’t look like much. Some galaxies won’t be visible due to your moderate light pollution but many will.

Which eyepiece will give a better view of an object?

To obtain the greatest angular magnification, it is best to have a long focal length objective and a short focal length eyepiece. The greater the angular magnification M, the larger an object will appear when viewed through a telescope, making more details visible.

Are Plossl eyepieces good?

Plössl eyepieces are good all-around performers, producing sharp images at the center of the field, but they have only four lens elements. Better edge correction with a short-focus telescope is one of the things you pay extra money for, and sophisticated eyepiece designs have as many as eight elements.

What can I see with a 10 inch telescope?

For your backyard, view the brighter objects–the moon, planets, double stars, globulars, and brighter nebula. Find a dark sky site that is reasonably accessible, and select objects for that place.

How good is an 8 inch telescope?

The 8” Dob is a Dobsonian at its core, so it has the makings of an excellent deep space viewing telescope. Its large optical diameter provides great value as it’s large enough to get that wide field of view and great detail without killing it in weight, handleability, and price.

What magnification do you need to see Jupiter?

Generally a magnification of 30-50x the aperture of your telescope (in inches) works well on nights of average seeing. So if you have a 4-inch telescope, try 120x to 200x. If you have razor sharp optics and steady sky, you can get away with even more magnification.

What’s the difference between an 8 and a 12 inch Dobsonian?

My 12.5 inch F/4.06 has a 19″ x 20″ footprint and nests in a package that’s 28 inches tall. You have ruled out a 12 inch Dob. Maybe you could reconsider. A 12 inch gathers more than twice the light over an 8. You will notice quite a difference in all objects with a 12–if the optics are of good quality.

How much does a 20mm eyepiece cost?

The eye lens is almost the same size as the 20mm plössl. The field is almost twice as wide, which will be a huge difference in practice. They are very sharp, with high transmission and great contrast. They are a little expensive, at ~$99 apiece, but they are great quality eyepieces that can last a lifetime.

What’s the difference between an 8 inch and 10 inch telescope?

There is definitely a big difference between an 8 and a 10 inch in terms of what one sees but also in the size and often weight of the instrument. Remember that bulkiness of a telescope increases approximately to the cube of the aperture for a given telescope type and focal ratio.

Which is better an 8 inch or a 12 inch?

A 12 inch gathers more than twice the light over an 8. You will notice quite a difference in all objects with a 12–if the optics are of good quality. I own a 12.5 inch Portaball, and it performs outstandingly on planets, globulars, open clusters, double stars, and fairly well on nebula and galaxies.