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What can I use as Bow String wax?

9 bowstring wax substitutes. One of the first things you learn as a new archer is that you should wax your bowstring whenever it starts to get fuzzy.

  • Beeswax. Before we had bowstring wax, most people used pure beeswax on their strings.
  • Candle wax.
  • Surfboard wax.
  • Dubbing wax.
  • Hockey wax.
  • Ski/snowboard wax.
  • Skateboard wax.
  • Can you use candle wax on your bow string?

    Can you use candle wax on a bowstring? Using candle wax on a bowstring is generally a bad idea. This is especially true for modern strings on compound bows, as paraffin wax can degrade the synthetic fibers.

    Can you use Vaseline on bow strings?

    No, it is not recommended that you use Vaseline as bow wax. Vaseline will melt very easily, and will not provide the precise protection you need to keep your bow string free of frays. It is also not the best option for waterproofing.

    How often should a crossbow string be replaced?

    every two years
    We recommend changing the string and cables on your crossbow every two years. NOTE: Always replace both the string and the cables when having them changed.

    Should you wax crossbow strings?

    It is recommended that you apply wax to your strings and cables about every 75 shots, but it won’t hurt to apply a light coat every time you take that crossbow out into the elements. Likewise, you should lubricate the entire length of your crossbow barrel.

    How often should I wax my crossbow string?

    To keep it in tip-top shape, it’s probably best to wax after every ten shots or so. Another good rule of thumb is that you should be able to feel the wax on the bowstring. It should be a little sticky, and if you’re not waxing often enough, you’ll notice some fraying (known as “wooling”).

    What does a waxed string do to a bow?

    Bow string wax may help prevent your bow string from fraying, the biggest factor in reducing the life of a bowstring. Wax helps to prevent water from damaging the strings and preventing the strings from soaking up water, making them heavier.

    How often should I Wax my string?

    If the string feels dry, or starts to exhibit discoloration or fuzz out, it’s time to wax it again. Most top archers wax their strings every two to three weeks, plus before competition if the forecast is for rain. If you notice loose strands or frays, that string is too far gone! Throw it away.

    How often to change bow string?

    Compound bow strings are put under significant tension as they transfer energy from the bow’s limbs to the arrow. The strings, comprised of multiple strands, should be replaced at least every 12 months or 5,000 shots.

    What can I use for a bow string?

    A relatively safe and easy method for stringing a bow is to use a bow stringer. This device is made of a length of cord, longer than the bow string, tied to two small socks made of leather or heavy fabric.