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What are the wine regions in Mexico?

In Mexico, we have six important wine regions that, thanks to its variety in climate, offer us different types of grape flavors and smells. There are seven Mexican wine regions that stand out in the country: Baja California, Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Sonora, Durango, and Coahuila.

What is the best wine in Mexico?

Here we share a list of 10 authentic mexican wines.

  • Vinos Shimul.
  • White Wines.
  • Casa Madero. Chardonnay Casa Grande, any year.
  • La Cetto. Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blan.
  • Rosé Wines.
  • Adobe Guadalupe. Uriel.
  • Monte Xanic. Calixa Rosado Grenache 2008.
  • Cavas Freixenet de México. Viña Doña Dolores Chardonnay Brut Nature.

What is the oldest winery in the Americas?

Brotherhood Winery
Brotherhood Winery, America’s oldest continuously operating winery, is located about a 1.5-hour drive from Manhattan in Washingtonville, New York.

Which region has best wine?

1. Italy. Italy takes its wine seriously: combine a long history of wine-making (all the way back to Greek colonization) with an ideal climate and over a million vineyards, and you can see why Italy takes the top spot as the world’s wine producer.

Where is Mexican wine country?

Baja California, located in the northwest of the country, is the primary wine region in Mexico. Roughly 75% of Mexican wine production, and almost all of what’s available in the U.S., is from here. However, wine is also made in several landlocked states in north and north-central Mexico.

Where is the Parras Valley in Mexico located?

Regions and Appellations Mexico Parras Valley. The Parras Valley is a small wine region in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of central northern Mexico. The valley plays only a small part in the modern Mexican wine industry (90% of the nation’s wine comes from Baja California 1000 miles/1600km west), but it is of great historical significance.

Where does the wine from Parras Valley come from?

Despite being an area with a rich viticultural history, Parras Valley is a relatively unknown region of wine production on a national and international scale. The valley plays only a small part in the modern Mexican wine industry as 90 percent of the nation’s wine comes from Baja California.

Where does most of the wine in Mexico come from?

Though some wine is produced here, most of the grapes are grown in its two main dry regions, Hermosillo and Caborca, and are used for brandy or raisin production, respectively. The La Laguna region straddles the states, Durango and Coahuila.

What’s the climate like in the Parras Valley?

Parras is also known casually as The Oasis of Coahuila – for many miles in every direction the landscape consists entirely of mountains and semi-desert. At an altitude of almost 1,525 meters (5,000ft), the climate here is significantly cooler than on the Caribbean coast below and to the east.