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What are the two Washington DC newspapers?

Daily newspapers in Washington, D.C.

  • Washington Post. One of the largest daily newspapers published in Washington, D.C.
  • Washington Times. General interest newspaper published in Washington, D.C.
  • Express.
  • Washington Examiner.
  • Roll Call.
  • The Hill.
  • Stars and Stripes.

What is the best newspaper in Washington DC?

District of Columbia’s Top 10 Newspapers by Circulation

  1. Washington Post.
  2. Washington Times.
  3. El Tiempo Latino.
  4. Washington City Paper.
  5. Washington Hispanic.
  6. El Pregonero.
  7. Frederick News-Post.
  8. The Hagerstown Herald-Mail.

What is the main news paper in Washington DC?

Major daily newspapers

Title Year est. Print Daily Circulation
Roll Call 1955 30,786
Stars and Stripes 1861 7 million Weekly editions 38 million page views per year
The Washington Post 1877 254,379 (Daily, 2019) 838,014 (Sunday, 2013) 1,000,000 (Digital, 2018)
The Washington Times 1982 59,185 daily (as of November 2013)

What is the oldest newspaper in Washington DC?

The Times, and Patowmack Packet
From the founding of the District, many of these newspapers reported on news of national government affairs, since the District is the capital seat of the United States of America….Founded in the 1700s.

Newspaper Title The Times, and Patowmack Packet
Place of Pub. Georgetown
Founded 1789
Ended 1791
Language English

How many Washington newspapers are there?

There are total 158 Newspapers available in Washington state. The biggest Newspaper according to circulation is SEATTLE TIMES and serving city is SEATTLE.

How do I find old Washington Post articles?

You can view and search through all news articles from the Washington Post from its founding in 1877 to the present using ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1877-2003) and Carleton’s subscription to (2004-present). Access to the current Washington Post.

Is Washington Post a local newspaper?

The Washington Post (also known as the Post and, informally, WaPo) is an American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C. It is the most-widely circulated newspaper within the Washington metropolitan area, and has a large national audience. Daily broadsheet editions are printed for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

What is the meaning of wapo?

The Washington Post
Filters. (newspapers) The Washington Post; a newspaper from the United States.

What happened to the Washington Star?

On August 7, 1981, after 128 years, the Washington Star ceased publication and filed for bankruptcy. In the bankruptcy sale, The Washington Post purchased the land and buildings owned by the Star, including its printing presses.

What is the name of newspaper in Washington?

The Seattle Times
List of newspapers in Washington (state)

Name City Circulation
The Seattle Times Seattle 229,764
Seattle Weekly Seattle 99,137
Skagit Valley Herald Mount Vernon
Snohomish County Tribune Snohomish

How do I access newspaper archives?

Guides to Online Free Newspapers

  1. Chronicling America: Historic Newspapers.
  2. Search the World’s Historical Newspaper Archive.
  3. Europeana: Newspapers.
  4. Google Newspaper Archive.
  5. ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: International Collections.
  6. ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: United States.

Can I print a Washington Post article?

The Print Edition app is now located in the Washington Post app (black icon) so you no longer need to have multiple apps to read our digital experience and our print edition experience. Please note that articles may open through either the website or the app at the discretion of the newsroom.