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What are the remedies for Rahu?

Best remedy I could suggest is chanting the mantra ‘Om Raa(n) Rahve Namah’. This will help everyone regardless of their age or zodiac. If you are not being able to sleep peacefully, keeping fennel (saunf) seeds under your pillow will help you improve Rahu’s effect.

How can we reduce the effects of Rahu in 10th house?

Rahu in 10th House Remedies:

  1. Always keep your head covered as it will save you from the harmful effects of Rahu.
  2. Wear blue or black coloured caps.
  3. Serve & feed blind people.
  4. Offer 4kg unprocessed sugar in a sacred place or flowing water as it would reduce the negative impacts to the great extent.

How can I get relief from Rahu and Ketu?

To reduce the bad effects of Ketu, donate blankets, calf, goat, sesame, grey coloured materials and iron weapons. You can also observe fasts on Tuesday and Saturday. Feed a dog; also feed Brahmins rice cooked with cereals. Helping the old and needy also helps to reduce its ill-effects.

Which color is good for Rahu?

Rahu is considered to be black while Ketu is brown. We often find “lucky number” and “lucky colors” in astrological forecasts. The role of color is properly emphasized everywhere.

How can I remove bad effects of Rahu?

To reduce the effect of RAHU in the 7th House, one should Chant mantras, and the Rahu mantra “Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah” should be chanted 18000 times in forty days for its ultimate effects. After that, one should Jaap 1 mala of Rahu mantra every day.

What day is for Rahu?

Abode Rāhu Kāla
Mantra Om Viprachitti putra Simhika putra Om Navagraha Rahuya Namah
Weapon Sceptre
Day Friday, Rāhu Kāla

How can I get rid of bad effects of Rahu?

What is Rahu astrology?

Astrology. In Hindu astrology Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, dissatisfaction, obsession and confusion. Rahu is also associated with politicians and occult sciences. Like Ketu, Rahu is also an enemy against the sun and moon. It is generally considered as a malefic planet in astrology.

What if Rahu is in 6th house?

When Rahu and Moon are together in the 6th house, the natives are going to experiences a magnificent enhancement in their personality. They are generally free from debt and enjoy a liberal life. They meticulously plan their budget and regressively follow it.