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What are the most pointless websites?

So, without further ado, here are the eight most pointless websites on the internet.

  • #1 Zombo Com.
  • #2 PointerPointer.
  • #3 CacheMonet.
  • #4 SometimesRedSometimesBlue.
  • #5 SomethingOpen.
  • #6 Annoying Cursor.
  • #7 SpaceJam.Com.
  • #8 Pointless.Com. And now, the cornerstone of all pointless websites.

What are the weirdest things on the internet?

11 Of The Weirdest Things On The Internet

  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.
  • Tight Pants/Body Rolls.
  • Shoes (Caution: Profanity)
  • Salad Fingers (Warning: this video is hardcore creepy)
  • Little Baby’s Ice Cream.
  • OMG Laser Guns.
  • Texter.
  • I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples.

What is the useless website?

Welcome to The Useless Web, a curated collection of some of the world’s most pointless websites. It’s essentially a giant button that you can click to take you to one of many websites, some of which you’ll know and love, and others that may be entirely new to you, but all sharing one common trait: they’re useless.

What is the weirdest website in the world?

40 Of The Weirdest Websites On The Internet 2021

  • Electric Boogie Woogie.
  • A very strange website that features a smiling pink cube that positions itself in the direction of wherever you put your mouse.

Who made the useless Web?

Developer Tim Holman
Developer Tim Holman launched The Useless Web, a site that redirects users to a random useless site, in 2012. It’s enjoyed cycles of popularity since its creation.

What are the weirdest things Googled?

We’ve compiled some of the funniest, weirdest and scariest search terms ever to grace the internet.

  • ‘my cat wants to kill me’
  • ‘who ate all the bananas and took a dump in the hallway’
  • ‘i accidentally killed my cat in the dryer’
  • ‘are babies dishwasher safe’
  • ‘is there a spell to become a mermaid that actually works’

What is the weirdest thing in the world?

The Planet’s Poles Flip.

  • It Has a Supersized Moon.
  • The Biggest Mammal Migration Is Airborne.
  • It Hosts a Humongous Fungus.
  • Some Parts Are Downright Alien-Looking.
  • One Island Boasts an “Undersea Waterfall”
  • There Are Hidden Gems Beneath Your Feet.
  • Some of Its Clouds Are Alive.
  • What is the coolest website ever?

    So here are some websites that you might not have heard of but are funny, useful, clever and infuriating – sometimes all at the same time:

    • Geo Guessr.
    • A Soft Murmur.
    • Camel Camel Camel.
    • A Good Movie To Watch.
    • Child’s Own.
    • Hacker Typer.
    • Youtube Time Machine.
    • The Wiki Game.

    What are satisfying websites?

    5 Oddly Satisfying Sites and Apps for Your Brain’s Pleasure

    • 1. /r/OddlySatisfying (Web)
    • Oddly Satisfying GIFs (Web)
    • Crafty Slime Creator (Instagram)
    • Hevesh5’s Dominos (YouTube)
    • YouTube’s ASMR Stars.

    What is the weirdest website on the Internet?

  • What are some weird websites?

    1 Top 21 Weird Websites List of 2019 1.1 1. Faces Facebook (social weird website): 1.2 2. Clever Bot (chatting weird website): 1.3 3. Eel Slap: 1.4 4. Flight Radar24 (technical Weird website): 1.5 5. Do Not Go On: 1.6 6. TickLd (comedy weird website): 1.7 7. ZoomQuilt (illusion weird website): 1.8 8. Nicest Place On The Internet: 1.9 9.

    What are the most common websites?

    The Most Popular Websites in the World. Unsurprisingly, Google tops the list of the world’s most popular websites.