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What are the model numbers of a Panasonic Viera TV?

Now to understand the Panasonic TV 2012 Viera TV Model Numbers like TH-P65VT30D, TH-L42E3D, TH-L42S20. All Panasonic Viera TV Model Numbers start with the letters TH (in some countries it is TX). This is followed by a dash and then a letter depicting the type of TV – ‘P’ for Plasma, L for both LCD and LED.

What does Filmmaker Mode on Panasonic Viera mean?

The new Filmmaker Mode™ means that movies can look as the director intended at the touch of a button. The new HZ1500 Series is for the discerning customer who values stylish design, but with no compromise on picture and sound performance. The OLED panel delivers a picture to meet the demands of Hollywood studios.

Is the Panasonic VIERA 3D Bluray disc included?

Avatar 3D Bluray disc is included free with the Viera 3D TV or Bluray Player. So many people bought the Panasonic 3D TV just to be able to get a free copy of Avatar 3D Bluray Disc. See History of Panasonic. These days buying a TV on line makes more sense, because of the many advantages.

What do the numbers mean on a Panasonic TV?

Panasonic 2012 LCD TV model has only one range and that is the series C followed by just one number 3, so it will be ‘C3’. The next two numbers represent the size of the TV screen size in inches. The next two letters represent the TV series.

What kind of TV does Panasonic tx-p42et60 have?

Viera TX-P42ET60 42 inch Widescreen Full HD 1080P 3D LED, Smart Viera, Wi-Fi Built in with Freeview HD (New for 2013) 42″ Smart VIERA LED TV – Smart TV with 3D made easy (Energy Efficiency Class A+) In addition to increasing the generated frames, backlight control has evolved through area splitting.

How does 120Hz dimming on Panasonic Viera work?

This feature breaks the screen into 3 section in which a smart dimming function on the LED’s switch them on/off very quickly (120hz frequency) to improve pixel response time and alleviate motion artifacts such as judder, trailing and ghosting/streaking.

What are the models of the Panasonic Viera EM60?

The EM60 series comes in only two sizes, 50 inch and 39 inch and has no 3D. Models in the Panasonic Viera EM60 Series are TC-L50EM60, TC-L39EM60