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What are the different flavours of Nerds candy?

Pour out this box for a rainbow cascade. Strawberry, grape, orange and lemonade. Don’t forget sour apple, that sweet little spark. Each NERD has its sweet, tangy, crunchy hallmark.

What are the flavors of Willy Wonka Nerds?

Everobody loves the intensely fun and fruity flavors packed in each box of Willy Wonka Nerds, and we have the classic flavors like Grape and Strawberry, and new ones, too, like Apple Watermelon combined with Lemonade Wild Cherry, and Wildberry combined with Peach. Flavors mixed as nature never intended is what Willy Wonka Nerds are all about.

Where did the word’nerd’come from in a book?

While the origin of the word ‘nerd’ is unknown for certain, experts think it comes from a creature in the 1950 Dr. Seuss book called If I Ran the Zoo. Now you can treat your kids to some trivia, too, the next time you treat them to their favorite kind of Nerds.

How big is a serving of Nerds candy?

So a serving size of Nerds candy is considered 0.5 ounces or around one tablespoon. Not that you’d only eat one serving, but in that one serving, for all flavors, you will find: Nerds started out in 1983 being made by Nestle but are now owned by Wonka.

What’s the difference between Rainbow Nerds and regular Nerds?

Rainbow Nerds is a box of regular Nerds with multiple flavors, with no partition or organization. Jumbo Nerds is a box of Nerds with multiple flavors—much larger than regular Nerds. The box depicts one jumbo Nerd on one end of a see-saw with several regular-sized Nerds trying to counter its weight.

When did Willy Wonka start making Nerds candy?

Nerds are an American candy launched in 1983 by the Sunmark Corporation under the brand name Willy Wonka Candy Company. Nerds are now made by the Ferrara Candy Company, a subsidiary of Ferrero Group. With their anthropomorphic covers, Nerds usually contain two flavors per box, and each flavor has a separate compartment and opening.