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What are the Army 15 series MOS?

The 15 Series MOS relates to aviation and transportation military specialties. Consequently, the Army Aviation Center develops new recruits to join 15 Series MOS for a fulfilling career. Army personnel that serves 15 Series MOS provide repairs, maintenance, and operation of manned and unmanned aircraft.

Is 15T a combat MOS?

This is military occupational specialty (MOS) 15T in the U.S. Army. It’s an important role, since the Black Hawk is usually a part of any combat situation. The helicopter has played a role in numerous battles, including in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas around the world.

Where can I be stationed as a 15T?

Duty Stations

  • Benning, GA.
  • Bliss, TX.
  • Bragg, NC.
  • Campbell, KY.
  • Drum, NY.
  • Hood, TX.
  • Hunter, CA.
  • Irwin, CA.

What Army MOS is a door gunner?

One is a crew chief replacement and three others as door gunners.” He added that two of the future trainees are in Army MOS 15T, which is Blackhawk mechanic. The two will become full-time crew chiefs since they will be capable of performing two vital jobs: security and maintenance of the aircraft.

What is a 15C Army?

MOS Description. A Soldier in MOS 15C engages in operating and remotely piloting of the UAS. Perform pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight checks and procedures. Conducts site selection, emplacement and deployment of the air vehicles and ground equipment of the UAS.

What Asvab score do I need for 15T?

ASVAB Scores For Army

MOS Army Job Title ASVAB Line Scores
15R AH-64 Attack Helicopter Repairer MM: 99
15T UH-60 Helicopter Repairer MM: 104
15U CH-47 Helicopter Repairer MM: 104
15W Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator SC: 102

What GT score do you need to be a 15T?

The maximum ASVAB score is 99. For enlistment into the Army, you must get a minimum ASVAB score of 31….Army Line Scores:

15T UH-60 helicopter repairer MM:104
15U CH-47 helicopter repair MM:104

How long is Army 15t school?

Job training for a UH-60 helicopter repairer requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 14 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in the field. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: Engine disassembly and repair.

How long is AIT for 15t?

What is a 15K in the Army?

Duties for MOS 15K: Skill Level 40 MOS 15K4O. Supervises aircraft component and avionics repair and technical inspection activities. Determines man-hours, personnel, parts and facility requirements to repair aircraft components, avionics and associated equipment.

What are the types of military helicopters?

The United States Military has a universal system of classification that allows easy recognition of a helicopter’s purpose by its designation. The types of helicopters most in use are: A – Attack, C – Cargo transport, H – Search and rescue, R – Reconnaissance, S – Anti-submarine warfare, M – Multi-mission or Multi-role, T – Trainer, and U – Utility.

What is Army Aviation MOS?

Aviation Officer (MOS 15A, 15B, 15C) Description / Major Duties: The Army’s Aviation Branch is critical in so many of the Army’s operations. From providing quick-strike and long-range target engagement during combat operations to hauling troops and supplies, Army helicopter units are key in getting the job done in many situations.

What is the MOS in the US Army?

An Army MOS is a specific job within the complex command structure of the United States Army, ranging from playing the trumpet for the Army band to rigging parachutes for the quartermaster corps . Commissioned officers in the Army are categorized under Areas of Concentration (AOC), rather than under the MOS system,…

What is a military helicopter?

A military helicopter is a helicopter that is either specifically built or converted for use by military forces.