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What are the 7 codes for sun holidays?

Be sure to bookmark this page, so that you can easily come back to collect the seven tokens or codewords below.

  • When is the next Sun Holiday’s Promotion?
  • Code 1 – COOL.
  • Code 2 – SWIM.
  • Code 3 – SEAT.
  • Code 4 – JUMP.
  • Code 5 – PEAS.
  • Code 6 – SEAS.
  • Code 7 – ICED.

What are the codes for the sun holidays?

The CONFIRMED Sun Holiday Codes in September 2021 were:

  • Code 1: COOL.
  • Code 2: SWIM.
  • Code 3: SEAT.
  • Code 4: JUMP.
  • Code 5: PEAS.
  • Code 6: SEAS.
  • Code 7: ICED.
  • Code 8: DEAL.

Where is my sun code?

You will find your unique code printed in The Sun newspaper every day which will contain a mix of letters and numbers. Only one code from each dated paper can be entered.

Where do I put my sun holiday codes?

Collect and enter TEN Sun Savers codes from those printed at the bottom of the Sun Savers paper page each day. If you book via Sun Savers you can use your Sun Savers wallet to pay or part pay for your holiday.

How long do sun saver codes last?

But remember, each unique code must be entered within 5 weeks or it will expire. If you don’t bank any codes for 12 months, all codes that are in your Sun Savers account will be removed – so remember to keep scanning your codes.

What is a comfort unit sun holidays?

Hi, The ‘comfort caravan’ is our entry level holiday home, and ‘comfort plus’ is the option to upgrade to a holiday home with multi-room heating. I hope this helps.

Can you still book the sun holidays?

Once bookings are open, you can view the areas with holidays still available on each date here. When booking online you’ll need to enter either 4 parks or an area, and 4 dates to search and you’ll be shown the available holidays on the next screen.

Can I get sun codes online?

Start collecting today by downloading our free Sun Savers app or go online at and enter your codes.

What is Sun saver?

Sun Savers is a great rewards club from The Sun, giving you a chance to win cash, get treats and bag prizes. Play our monthly Raffle and get the latest deals, discounts and money saving tips.

Are the Sun savers codes the same in every paper?

Only one code from each dated paper can be entered. Each unique Sun code needs to be scanned or manually entered on the Sun Savers app or on the Sun Savers website – don’t forget, you’ll need to register.

Is Haven included in sun holidays?

Haven Seashore Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Plus, this sun holiday park is right on the beachfront.

Can you change a sun holiday?

CHANGING A BOOKING Once a Booking has been made, it can only be changed by treating the original Booking as a cancellation.