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What are the 5 uses of concave and convex mirror?

A large Concave Mirrors are used in the field of solar energy to focus sun rays for heating solar furnaces. A Convex Mirror is that is spherical mirror in which the reflection of light takes place at the convex surface. Convex Mirror are used as rear view mirror in vehicles to see the traffic at the rear side.

What are the five uses of convex mirror?

Uses of Convex Mirrors

  • Inside buildings. You might have noticed that large office buildings, stores, hospitals, and other many other buildings have convex mirrors in the corners.
  • Sunglasses. We might have used sunglasses many times.
  • Vehicle mirrors.
  • Magnifying glasses.
  • For security purposes.
  • Street light reflectors.

What are uses of concave mirror?

Concave mirrors are used as searchlights, shaving mirrors, satellite dishes, and many more. These mirrors have the property to collimate and concentrate light rays. Concave mirrors in torches and headlights are used as reflectors.

What are the 10 uses of concave mirrors?

Concave mirrors are used in:

  • Vehicle headlights.
  • Shaving mirrors.
  • Solar furnaces.
  • Searchlights.
  • Torches.
  • Flashlights.
  • Dental Mirror.
  • Microscopes.

What are the uses of concave and convex mirror Brainly?

Hello buddy here is your answer hope it will help you… 1) It is used as shaving mirror to see a large image of the face. 2) This are used by dentist to see the enlarge image of teeth. 3) concave mirror are used as reflector in torch,light, vehicle head light.

What are the 3 Uses of concave and convex mirror?

Concave mirror is used by dentist, solar furnace, reflector of a torch, etc. Convex mirror is used in rear view mirrors.

What is convex mirror and its uses?

The convex mirror always forms a virtual image of the object and the image formed by the convex mirror is smaller than the size of the actual object. Therefore, the most common convex mirror uses are in places where bigger objects are to be viewed in a smaller size.

Why convex mirror is used in telescope?

Refracting telescopes use lenses to bend the light to a specific focal point such that the object will be magnified to the viewer. This lens is a convex lens that bends the incoming light rays to a focal point within the telescope.

Where is convex lens used?

Convex lenses are used in microscopes, magnifying glasses and eyeglasses. They are also used in the cameras to create real images of objects present at a distance.

What are the uses of convex and concave lens?

1. Concave lenses are used for correcting myopia or short-sightedness….Uses of Convex Lenses

  • Uses in spectacles to correct the defect of vision called hypermetropia or long sightedness.
  • Used for making a simple camera.
  • Used as magnifying glasses.
  • Used in microscopes, telescopes, film projectors, etc.

What are the characteristics of concave lens?

Characteristics of the Image Formed by a Concave Lens The image formed by a concave lens always has the same characteristics, namely virtual upright diminish Figure below shows the ray diagram for the formation of image of a concave lens.

What is an example of a concave?

When an object is concave in nature, the appearance is a section between two points that may appear to be hollowed out. A good example of a concave object would be a bowl or plate. Curved surfaces of both types are commonly employed as a means of achieving a particular effect.

What is a curved mirror?

A curved mirror is a mirror with a curved reflecting surface. The surface may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave (recessed inward). Most curved mirrors have surfaces that are shaped like part of a sphere, but other shapes are sometimes used in optical devices.