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What are source control drawings?

A source control drawing provides an engineering description, qualification requirements, and acceptance criteria for commercial items or vendor-developed items procurable from a specialized segment of industry, that provide the performance, installation, interchangeability, or other characteristics required for …

What is a procurement control drawing?

A class of drawing, some sub-types of which are identifying, that is used to purchase outside Engineered materiel or Engineering services. PCD types include Envelope Drawings, Source Control Drawings, and Vendor Item Control Drawings.

What is an SCD drawing?

A type of PCD used for the circumstance where an existing part is sufficient to our design purpose, but new qualification data1 must be paid for by the customer (which may, or may not be, the developer). See also the CI Development Cycle (Intermediate).

What is a VICD drawing?

A type of PCD that establishes the acceptability and interchangeability of one or more vendor part numbers for some specific usage. The identifier assigned by the VICD is actually an Administrative Control Number, not a Part Number. …

What is a source controlled part?

The source control drawings call out a standard military part that is available from distributors. The source control drawings do not specify any modifications to these parts. They simply lift the part information from the mil spec.

What are the types of engineering drawings?

  • Introduction. One of the best ways to communicate one’s ideas is through some form of picture or drawing.
  • Isometric Drawing. The representation of the object in figure 2 is called an isometric drawing.
  • Orthographic or Multiview Drawing.
  • Sectioning.
  • Drawing Tools.
  • “Assembly” Drawings.
  • Cross-Sectional Views.
  • Half-Sections.

What are the different types of engineering drawings?

What is a Monodetail drawing?

A mono detail drawing defines a single part. It is prepared to provide maximum clarity in defining the part. It describes all features of the part which include configuration, dimensions, tolerances, materials, mandatory processes, surface texture, protective finishes and coatings, and markings.

What is an SCD in engineering?

Specification Control Drawing (various organizations) SCD.

What does SCD stand for in engineering?

In engineering and information technology System context diagram. /dev/scd, SCSI audio-oriented optical disk drives. Slowly changing dimension, a datawarehousing term for data that changes slowly. The Scientific Computing Division of the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

What is vendor drawing?

Vendor drawings are the detail drawings provided to the engineering company for approval by an external supplier of purchased equipment. They are used by the external supplier for the fabrication of this equipment. These take the form of such items as pumps, vessels, tanks, exchangers, specialty items, and instruments.

What is gpstate file in ASP.NET stack overflow?

What is gpstate file in ASP.NET. By default, the .gpstate file is not added as a solution item in the Visual Studio solution. If a team of developers is working on the same solution and the team wants to share Guidance Package state, the .gpstate file can be added to the solution and checked into source control.

What should be included in a source control drawing?

You should consider making a Vendor Item Control Drawing instead, where you can have multiple sources. You should list the Supplier information (name, address, part number) of the part you are sourcing, including Quality Requirements, Performance Data, interchangability of the part.

Is it OK to delete gpstate file in Visual Studio?

You should not delete the .gpstate file, because it will cause the solution to lose this information. By default, the .gpstate file is not added as a solution item in the Visual Studio solution.

When to use sourec control drawings in ASME?

See ASME Y14.24 Drawing Types. The Spec is very clear on this. Sourec Control Drawings are only used for Vendor Items IF THERE IS A SPECIFIC QUALIFICATION TEST required. If there is No Specific Qualification Test, then it is a VENDOR ITEM DRAWING.