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What are some possible complications of diabetes?

If it’s not controlled, diabetes can cause a host of complications that can affect nearly every organ in the body. Diabetes complications include: Heart disease. Stroke. Kidney disease. Nerve damage. Eye damage.

What is the most common complication of diabetes?

Damage to the kidneys, known as diabetic nephropathy , can lead to tissue scarring, urine protein loss, and eventually chronic kidney disease, sometimes requiring dialysis or kidney transplantation. Damage to the nerves of the body, known as diabetic neuropathy, is the most common complication of diabetes.

What happens if diabetes is left untreated?

Both types of diabetes cause increased thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, hypertension and ketoacidosis. Left untreated, both types of diabetes lead to complications that damage your cardiovascular system, kidneys and nerves due to the accumulated glucose in your blood.

What if diabetes goes untreated?

Metabolic Emergencies. Untreated diabetes can be fatal. One dangerous short-term complication is diabetic ketoacidosis, a rapidly progressing condition. Low insulin levels cause sugar to build up in the blood.

What are the two categories of diabetes complications?

Diabetes is associated with two main categories of complication: short term and long term . Depending on the time they do settle in diabetics, you can always hope for delayed onset or delayed aggravation.

What are the complications associated with diabetes?

Complications Of Diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes leads to complications of diabetes like damage to the lining of the arteries in all the key organs, which is what causes the complications of diabetes: kidney damage (nephropathy), eye damage (retinopathy), brain and nerve damage (neuropathy), as well as heart attacks and strokes (vascular damage).

What does diabetes complications mean?

Complications of diabetes refer to the damage of your body caused by the disease. The complications of diabetes are major so it is so important to follow you medical regime in order to keep the disease under control. The major complications of diabetes include damage to the blood vessels.