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What are some good sayings to use with candy bars?

Use a candy bar pun or joke in a note to attach to a gift to a chocoholic, or to make your own candy bar wrappers. Or send a sweet text to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Whatever the occasion these sayings will help you get your message across: Thanks for your KING-SIZED help. You are always there for me in a CRUNCH. You are a LIFESAVER!

What are the different types of candy bars?

Dove Bar. Five Star Chocolate Bar. ADVERTISEMENT. Forever Yours. Galaxy. Godiva Chocolate Bar. Heath Bar. Hershey Almond Toffee Bar. Hershey’s Creamy Caramel.

What does it mean to have a chocolate bar?

In most of the English-speaking world, chocolate bar also refers to what is typically called a candy bar in American English. This is a form of confectionery usually packaged in a bar or log form, often coated with chocolate, and sized as a snack for one person.

How tall is a candy bar wedding poem?

Candy poem for the school secretaries for Administrative Professionals Week! The world’s best wedding card! This is a poem made from candy bars. It stands about 4 feet tall! No more Care Free days. No more Twix up your sleeves. It’s time to say “I Do ” to your Bit-O-Honey. See our Candy Bar Poem along with Wedding Song Poem.

What to give a friend for their birthday?

Give a friend a special candy card to celebrate their birthday in style. This project can be tweaked to include the recipient’s age and any other extravagant gifts matching their interests, such as Super Bowl tickets or a shiny new Ferrari (or maybe just a lottery ticket if you’re on a budget).

What are some good candy sayings for prom?

High school students looking for a clever yet budget-friendly way to invite a date to prom can make a fun card filled with clever candy sayings. Hey [Hot Tamale], I know I’m a [Nerds], so please don’t [Snickers] at me. I think it would be [Mounds] of fun to go to prom with a [SweeTART] like you. If you say yes, I promise we’ll have

What to say about Junior Mints at a baby shower?

I know we’re [ Junior Mints] to be together forever! You could use the name of candy bars in a game at a baby shower or birthday party where your guests guess the name of the candy from the clues, and then incorporate the candy bar theme into cute sayings on your party favors.

What should you put on a candy card for graduation?

A candy card is appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school graduations, with wording that can easily be tweaked to mention personal details such as special summer vacation plans. Congratulations graduate! You’ve proven to the world you’re not an [ Airhead ].