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What are some current events 2020?

2020 events: Yep, these things all happened in the year from hell

  • Australian bushfires.
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit royal family.
  • COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Kobe Bryant’s death.
  • Impeachment of President Donald Trump.
  • “Parasite” sweeps the Oscars.
  • Harvey Weinstein verdict.
  • Stock market crash 2020.

What things are happening in the world today?

Here are eight things you probably have no idea are going on in the world today.

  • Desert growth. Ilyshev Dmitry/Shutterstock.
  • Decreased cancer. sudok1/iStock.
  • Deaths in stadium construction for Qatar 2022.
  • Antibiotics are becoming less effective.
  • Modern slavery.
  • Coltan mine slavery.
  • Blood smuggling.

Where can I find current events?

Current Events and News

  • Businessweek (Bloomberg) Business news, stock market, and financial advice.
  • CNBC. Stock market news, business news, financial, earnings, world market news, and information.
  • CNN Business. is among the world’s leaders in online news and information delivery.
  • Forbes.
  • Fortune.
  • Yahoo!

Why are current events important?

They develop into informed citizens and lifelong news readers. Studying current events helps students understand the importance of people, events, and issues in the news; it stimulates students to explore and learn more about the news, and to pay attention to the news they see and hear outside of school.

What are some good things happening right now?

10 good things that are happening in the world right now

  • Free broadband for jobseekers.
  • UK’s first retirement home for bees opens.
  • 3. Cafe staffed by people with learning disabilities opens.
  • First Malaria vaccine is given WHO approval.
  • UK travel list is simplified.
  • Return to normal life is given a boost (literally)

What is the year 2020 called?

The 2020s (pronounced “twenty-twenties”; shortened to ’20s) is the current decade of the Gregorian calendar, which began on January 1, 2020 and will end on December 31, 2029.

What major events happened in September 2021?

September 2021 Current Events: US News

  • Coronavirus Updates (5)
  • Deadly Tragedies Strike Multiple US States.
  • Coronavirus Updates (4)
  • Migrants Stranded Under Texas Bridge.
  • California Recall Results.
  • FBI Investigated for Larry Nassar Case.
  • Coronavirus Updates (3)
  • More Controversial Texas Laws Passed.